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Prohashing is a mining network that always mines the most profitable coins and pays out members in any currencies they choose. Prohashing provides the most detailed statistics of any pool and has a full time staff dedicated towards ensuring the pool is the most easy to use, profitable, and stable.

8 reviews

Scrypt / X11

Proscamming, Massive Fees, Massive theifs gave @ 2018-04-12 00:30:15

Not only does this cunt continuly comlain to run when he has several staff members,. HE ALSO TAKES 5% FEE WITHOUT TELLING YOU what crossed the line for me was at procunting when you mine PPS or SOlO your coins get credited to your "Live Balances" account, aka what prohashing owes u. For example, when a few days before shitcoin Verge spiked in price I had solo mined 3-4 block (found fourth while I was contacting support). And basically I wating for 4 days, thats right folks you cannot withdraw / deposit. I contacted support and they paid me out. (possibly due to me find their fucking massive verge wallet and sending them a screen shot so they basically had no excuse. But a few days after I find another block which had enough confirmations (cant remember exactly) between 500-800, I was accepted on the network, the verge was in my balance that I can't bloody withdraw from. Then 4 hours later price of verge soared another 65& giving it an increase of 2000% since i started mining, rip was only a fee weeks ago. But yh this guy just emptys my balance Hoping I assume that I did not within the few hours it shown as valid

klsnozyvm gave @ 2018-03-04 21:36:27

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Barneyxcq gave @ 2018-02-18 15:15:11


Barneyxcq gave @ 2018-02-16 06:52:00


friskie gave @ 2017-08-21 01:09:30

Prohashing is a great idea in the hands of a pair of brothers who choose to handle the site as a "side project" rather than a serious business. The idea behind Prohashing is quite clever and leads the pack in terms of innovation and ease of use. On the rare days that the pool performs well it's easy to see the potential profits, and overall the pool manages to still be profitable in spite of itself. The trouble all began with the addition of X11 mining. Capacity planning for the influx of new users was either woefully inadequate, or absent altogether, and in the months since, the pool has lurched from one crisis to another, in a state of perpetual work-arounds and mitigation measures that aim to get the pool through the persistent overload. Adding to the problem is the Nicehash mining rental site, which by now is infested with bots which automate orders, and in particular the hashrate limits. These bots now monitor the profit data that Prohashing provides in near real-time, and they react to moments of higher profitability by ramping up the hashrate directed towards Prohashing. This in turn overloads the server and results in constant server freezes and restarts, and periods of very high stale and rejected shares which eat into profits, sometimes wiping out profits altogether. Steve Sokolowski, the lead developer and apparently key decision maker, displays a frustrating blend of developer brilliance and business incompetence, with decisions that for the past months leave those of us who understand the fundamentals and best practices for running a business in a state of constant bewilderment and frustration. Summary - Prohashing is a great idea with terrible execution, in the hands of a couple of brothers who so far refuse to commit to the site as a serious business, and instead run the site as a project, which by now has more than outgrown capacity and suffers chronic performance issues and the unpredictability of constant fixes and half measures that buy more time. I stand by this review, and my username here (friskie) is the very same one I use on the site itself. The review is not intended to bash the site, rather to provide responsible and accurate information that is current to today's date of 21-08-2017

Anon gave @ 2015-10-18 15:02:10

The most consistent pool when it comes to good profitability. Other pools wildly vary, but Prohashing is really consistent and usually towards the top of the pools. In my real world experiences, I make more there than I do at other places even with the 5% fee considered. I usually alternate between Prohashing and Nicehash, depending upon which one currently has the better rate. Getting paid in any coin is a plus, as is the direct deposit to Coinbase. I wish their graphs were based in BTC instead of USD and I also wish they had something to view the current profitability instead of yesterday's (other pools show profitability for the last 30 minutes, so why can't they?). Never had an issue with being paid (payments are processed every day assuming you meet the payout threshold). Pool operators are responsive and fix issues. If I could get Nicehash's detailed graphing on Proashing, it'd probably be the perfect pool.

rootdude gave @ 2015-06-24 16:17:16

This pool is far and away the most advanced scrypt pool left. Mine over 100+ coins, get paid out in any of those coins as well - even has coinbase integration for those interested in payouts only in USD! They even have a method to determine coin switching abilities of connected rigs so your work restarts are few and farther between. 5% PPS is a fair trade for the profitability that is usually in the top two or three on any given day.

writenamehere gave @ 2015-01-13 01:41:13

5% Fee ? Are u crazy ?

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