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Revolutionary new algorithm-switching multipool. Flat rate daily payouts in Bitcoin.

3 reviews

X11 / Nist5 / X15 / X13

Ralph Macchio gave @ 2016-05-14 19:38:54

This should not be in the X11 Category this pool is Multi algo-rythmic ONLY. Please move to "AUTOSWITCH"

bobafett gave @ 2015-10-22 13:55:45

Tried this pool as Pool Picker shows the per MH rate for X11 being the second highest next to Dashminer but see some of the reviews on the issues of using a custom proprietary miner on a pool. I believe that custom miner pools like Dashminer and WePayBTC should not be shown using the per MH rate as I believe it to be inaccurate. I compared 2 x 7950s daily payout rate with Nicehash and ran the exact same settings (where allowed) i.e. same GPU clock, memory settings, voltages and Intensity as with Nicehash and the per day BTC showed 0.0019 - 0.002 @ 120%. On Nicehash I ran about 10-11 MHS and receiving the approx. Pool Picker rate of around 0.0025. I am also seeing HW errors running after an hour compared to absolutely 0 HW running on a normal miner for months and months. I never see HW errors unless I am tweaking and tuning. The GPU temps are also about 5 degrees hotter all settings the same. I believe PoolPicker should change the BTC per MH per day numbers or at least mark these pools with custom miners differently than the rest. The WePayBTC numbers are incorrect because the % to MH calc is incorrect. The % and reference 100% GPU card seems to be an arbitrary reference number similar to Dashminers % reference. Any number or calculation that cannot be fully disclosed or calculated based on MHS seems dodgy to me.

dragon79 gave @ 2014-11-19 03:47:19

Just got my third payout per day. Great idea of showing BTC income in the miner app. So far, so good... Recommended.

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