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Everyone wants to be special and different. Just when you have fewer brains than your average whore, things can get complicated. It was nearly impossible to find goth pornstars as the trend has died a long time ago and these sluts have since switched to the emo look, or punk rock if you want more definitions. You got more tattooed inkdyed hair and abused bodies. This does sound like it is warming up to be a alternative pornstars top 10 list. I have traveled to the deepest layers of the web, consulted my orb and you, the viewer. The below are hard work, cum stains, and napkins.

To tell you the truth, some of these were not my type, but who am I here to judge them? Okay, I am the editor and can write whatever the fuck I want, but to help you have a nice weird-looking girls list, all will be ranked by their talent, beauty, and the level of fucked up tattoos. Those are the answers that Eden gives in her job interviews. With a choker made of glitter and extremely black make-up, she looks like a dirty goth or emo pornstar.

Both are the same for me, so take your pick. Emo pornstars crotches go from dry to wet, the more facial abuse one indulges. Tears and snots are undeniable some of the everyday necessities that they must deal with. It pays off to take things slowly. I know that you are expecting weird fucking pornstars but let me talk about the queen of deepthroating.

She reminds me of a wife, as no matter how much money there is in your wallet, it will always be gone. The same goes for the cock! No matter how long it is, she will find a way to take all of it in. The purple eyeshadows to bring the funky look and the tattoos confirm the emo girl qualifies. I usually go for the looks over their skills in bed. However, the Valentine girl would be a very welcome exception.

Not a wife or even a alternative pornstars material, but I can see her being the best pornstar I have fucked. Two freakish-looking pornstars in the same scene and it does not even look like the green-haired monster is enjoying licking that pussy. I am not even sure where to focus in this video as you got fucked up a whore on the left and skulls with roses inked on the right.

We are not stopping here though, oh no. They must be fucked up. Bring some big guns and big tit pornstars. These girls surely are doing something to make everyone respect women even more. Drinking piss and squirting out of their stinky holes. It all starts with the non-dyed hair slut trying to force a whore into pissing herself. Then the roles reverse, and she is rubbing her pussy while… Yeah, I am speechless and not even sure how to process this scene.

It does look hot one second and then totally creeps me out another. I am a weirdo, so that could be the reason. A recent sensation and true to God goth banger that worked with Digital Playground, Brazzers and some lesbian movie studios. Contrary to some beliefs, it does not always have to be about tattoos or weirdness. Wild in bed and crazy behind cameras alternative pornstars. You are sucking a dick when suddenly another emo-looking whore jumps out of the closet. What do you do? Ass fuck her, of course. That was a tricky question. If you were the one with a cock in your mouth, then not only are you a gay pornstar but also should not even be reading this post.

I do wonder how these situations happen and how was the one to come up with the scenario in the first place. You got two sluts in the house and they both are decent looking. At what point in your life do you decide that tattooing spider webs on your tits is a brilliant idea? She is one fucked up pony and the guys like the ones on the right are her target audience. Just fat dudes ripping her asshole with long and uncut fingernails. I am more interested to watch a reenactment of her childhood than her fuck scenes.

Who knows, maybe she was sucking cocks in the woods when she fell into a spider trap. A softcore lesbian pornstars alternative pornstars with tongue action, short hair and from alternative pornstars I can tell, a true emo love fest. This is one of the more enjoyable videos out there and it comes from the PornHub Premium exclusive content. Women are a thing of beauty and the person who shot this scene knows that. Fuck, the whole video is so detailed that you even have fog on the lens. How many other scenes with these effects did you watch this year? Getting fucked by two cocks in the pussy at the same time must feel very weird.

Also, if you focus on the top one that is entering her pussy, it looks like the guy is uncomfortable and might get cock blisters. As for Katrina, she seems to be rather useless in this video. She can barely do a decent blowjob. The saggy pierced tits are just shit and the face is covered with our logo. There are no redeeming qualities that can save this train wreck from appealing to anyone but you and me. A decent gothic pornstar at last and her nickname is Lily Lane.

Just like with other whores in this top 10 list, she has a lot of tattoos and many things going on with her body. I believe those are crossed guns on her stomach and lots of flowers.

The pussy is showing the age already but still of decent quality. Her fake tits do give her an edge over other pornstars. Is it me though or do they look like two blobs attached to her? Some weird proportions happening there. At least the hair is long and curly, something that is a bit of a rarity as most porn stars just go with the straight blond look. At least it quickly transitions to alternative pornstars anal scene. As I was talking about the alternative pornstars whores, here is one: Indigo. Must be from her early years when she thought that punk rock and all the colorful, fancy stuff was all the rage.

I am not sure if she is doing a good job here or the male performer is just an idiot, but I like her ink style. It was supposed to be a romantic sex scene considering the slowly burning candles in the background. At least she has the decency to play with his balls at the very end while still wearing high heels.

That brings me to a video of another emo chick with similar shoes. We are approaching this level with Ophelia, a performer from Brazzers extra. I can see her switching to black cum and piss as soon as such color-changing substances are invented. Probably the most famous emo or punk rock-looking pornstar and she has been working her ass off in business for many years, literally. This is the only profession where you can use both terms in the same sentence.

Latex black gloves and other apparel… Stretched butthole and of course, a cult leader himself fucking her in the darkness. Brazzers producers thought that it would be a great idea to make this scene look like something anarchists or goth people do, with all the anarchy and other s. I am certain that it was her idea. Not enthusiastic about her gaped pussy or the fading looks, but what do I know about the porn anyway? She is one of my favorite pornstars and that is sad.

My dick does not really like whores with shaved hair, but this one drives me insane. You got tits with one of the better shapes and a well-maintained body. Skin especially, just glowing from the cum, which must be as soft as melted butter. I have also noticed that she loves yellow clothing, which tends to bring her eyes together and give that pop look. Christy seems to be loving the porn business, always staring at the camera and interacting with the fans. Some pornstars lose their looks as they age, but this one is the anomaly. One of the best emo-looking whores on the alternative pornstars.

The boss of emo pornstars and the princess of punk rock. I have never heard of her before and these best whore lists are doing so much good for the world. The hair is dyed pink and the glasses are there only for the trend. These neck tattoos must have hurt like hell, the same goes for wrists. Pierced ears with enlarged lobes, fake tits, shaved head. Where do we stop?

We were so fascinated with her that I just had to do some research. As it turns out, she enjoys skull bikinis and loves anime. Yes, the anime-loving pornstar is our one pick. Geeky looking chicks turn me off, anime is okay if you mean DBZ and other crap, but Sydnee is such a fascinating whore that I need to fuck her, or at least access her videos. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Sunday, July 18, Top Brazzers 2. RealityKings 3. Please comment! Please name here. You have entered an incorrect address!

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