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To set the scene… We had just finished a lovely night cuddled up in front of the fire with a bottle of wine.

We decided to have an early night. When I came back to […]. Andrea worked for an economic development company that traveled with business leaders to different cities to entice companies to move to our city.

On one of these trips she was with two fellows who we actually knew pretty well. Andrea and these guys had done these trips before and always had a great time. They […]. Voyeurism has been a weakness of mine for most of my life. Too much time watching windows and too little time studying cost me a scholarship and my college career. The Air Force provided many opportunities while overseas.

Then, I got sent to Ohio and lived in an apartment complex that turned out to be […]. One […].

Anyway, wherever he was from, he was the toughest and […]. I was working at a fast food t at the age of 22 and was an assistant manager.

One of my duties was hiring employees which was kind of fun. This lady came in to put in her application so I set up an interview and ended up hiring her. She was 34, and on […]. Ted was walking through the mall when he spotted two girls. One was a short brunnette and the other a tall blonde.

Both had on cutoff tee shirts and mini dresses. The dresses were frilly and flimsy. As neither had on a slip Ted could see the outline of their legs as he walked behind […].

Marietta Marie Sloan, paused, as she watched young Nathan Campbell make his way through the parking lot of the super market. She unhooked her safety belt and disembarked to follow the tall young man. I often went to the local ABS to trade blowjobs on a Saturday afternoon.

Besides loving to suck and to be sucked, I think it makes me a better fuck with my girlfriend on Saturday […]. The thought of watching his step-sister screw, excited Justin. She was a cute girl, blonde with big blue eyes and a cute smile. She had had sex before, and he always wondered what it would be like watching her do it.

He had seen her naked a couple of times, and promptly jacked off after […]. Older posts.

Asst stories

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