Black cat and spiderman

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Parker proceeds to turn Felicia into a gymnastic web-a-pult projectile, throwing her Medium range. This tactic allows any Web Warriors to spend 1 Power to remove the Slow special condition and one damage immediately. Most of the Web Warriors rely on their impressive Movement speed, and being limited to the Short movement tool can be a monkey-wrench in your plans.

Being able to shut the condition down on your whole team is a handy tool to have in your back pocket, and removing damage is just icing on the wheat cake. These small devices adhere to whatever Spider-Man throws them at—including witless goons who end up leading him right back to their hideout! In-game, Spider-Tracker gives you a useful off-turn movement. When an enemy character ends a move within Range 4 of an allied Web Warrior, that character can spend 2 Power to use the tactic, advancing a Short distance.

There are a lot of different ways Spider-Tracker can be useful in a game. Is there a heavy-hitting enemy character closing in on one of your vulnerable Web Warriors? Is one of your foes closing in on a vulnerable objective? Forgot where you parked? Until next time, this is Atomic Mass Transmissions, ing off! The Worthy. Organized Play. Special Announcement.

Star Wars OP Announcement. June 25, Atomic Mass Games.

Black cat and spiderman

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Team Tactics Talk: Amazing Spider-Man & Black Cat