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Today we have Clip Hunter on the menu. How many hours would you say you spend, on average, each week searching site after site for decent material to fap to? You grab your materials lube, fleshlight, VR heet, headphones, tissue paper, etc. You can hear your computer wheeze under the strain of processing so many videos.

This is why it is so invaluable to us that there are porn sites that are well-organized and easy to navigate. We need the best of the best, and, yes, time is of the essence blood can only keep flowing to your dick for so long, after all. Thankfully there are sites out there like cliphunter. They are here to do the heavy lifting of the porn search for us, so we can immediately get down to business. Great Website De From the second the home of Cliphunter lo, it is easy to see why this is the perfect site for a quickie.

The is so clean, easy to navigate, and organized. And, more importantly, there are extremely sexy women in all sorts of positions and situations as far as the eye can see. A minimalistic white background and blue text combination gives the site a fresh and sleek de. You have three main sections on the home : Popular Movies, Featured Videos, and Top Porn Stars, and they are all clearly separated.

No confusingly jumbled thumbnails or unclear labeling to contend with. Ah, so fucking refreshing. Additionally, there is a long list of that are clearly alphabetically listed, with the letters popping out at you to label the links. Again, made for speed and clarity. You also have the option at the top of the to search any keywords or actress names you like, should you really mean business and already have something precise in mind. I thought this was a pretty unique way to try and find videos, based solely on what people have said about them, kind of an impromptu word of mouth system.

Along with each comment comes a link to the video in question. Finally, a Great Media Player The media player on Cliphunter is almost as impressive as the site de. You can easily toggle between video quality options default is p, but you can go all the way up to p without losing your spot on the playbackand movie theatre mode which just grays out the outside of the video.

There are also three clip huntre for the sizing of the video screen normal, expanded, and full-screen. Another aspect of their media player that I love is that, when in full-screen mode, hitting the space clip huntre pauses the video as it should! Maybe it seems like this stuff should go without saying, but way too many porn sites have not incorporated the space bar pause; and way too many porn sites shove down your throat just for pausing the fucking video. None of them are too invasive, like a popup or pop-under would be, but they do appear to the left above the category list and toward the bottom of the homeas well as to the right and underneath the recommended videos on a video.

Especially since many of the seem to be peddling boner pills. They do have plenty of longer clips, but you do sort of have to dig for them. You can sort by duration in the category s, but not on the home. So, one suggestion I would like to give to Cliphunter: add a button that allows me to filter by length clip huntre the featured home videos.

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Since the site is so well-organized and intuitive in every other regard, this would really drive it home! All in all, Cliphunter is a great tube site that is easy to use, expertly deed, and filled to the brim with only the highest-quality video clips of the hottest girls in the industry today. Definitely no filler to filter through here, only the best.

If you are looking for a site to get your fap on without delay, Cliphunter is definitely a good place to go. No more wasted hours searching for a needle in the haystack. Open ClipHunter. ClipHunter High-quality, well-deed website Quality of all the videos even the amateurs Excellent media player Boner pill Harder to find full scenes. Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites.

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