Curse of monkey island walk through

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After the opening scene, you will be below-deck with Bloodnose the pirate. Talk to him to realise he is Wally from the game, and he will give you a book before breaking down and crying. Use the cannon to shoot the boats of skeletons, then grab the plastic hook and the ramrod before looking out the window. Talk to Murray for a while, then use the hook with the ramrod to make a gaff. Knock Murray off his bit of wood, then get the skeleton arm and its attached cutlass. Use this cutlass to cut the cannon restraint rope, then fire the cannon. In the wrecked ship, take the bag of nickels and the diamond ring that is revealed.

Don't worry about any of the other booty here. Use the diamond ring to cut a hole in the porthole and you will escape. Take the glowing ember near the shipwreck, then walk right and follow the path.

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Go to the shipwreck and talk to Murray again before entering the wreck. Grab the paste and the voodoo pin, then use the wooden nickels in the gum machine before pulling the alligator tongue. Talk to the voodoo lady about everything, finding out that you need a crew, a ship, and a map to get to Blood Island. Go to the theatre - the front door is closed, so enter via the side. Examine the coat to get a glove from the pocket and some lice from the top.

Now get the magic wand and use it on the hat to get a ventriloquism book. Head right to the stage and talk to the actors to learn that there agent may know how to get to Blood Island. Head next to the Barbery Coast.

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Talk to each of the barbers, then use your lice on the comb. Ask for a haircut, then use the lever on the side of the chair once and get the paperweight. While the barber is gone, use the lever a few more times until you can grab the scissors. Now push Bill twice and then take his jawbreaker. Get out your glove and slap Edward in the face.

You will walk outside and be shown 3 pistol cases. Look at the lid of the middle case, and close it. Select the banjo case to begin duelling banjos. You need to simply copy the last note of each of Edward's fast sequences for three rounds. When he then starts to play too well, go and get a pistol and shoot his banjo - he will agree to your crew. You need some treasure to get Bill to you.

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Walk left through town until you are between the lemonade and flower stores. Use the scissors on the undergrowth and you will get an ipecac flower and make your way through the undergrowth. Take a look at the snake - uh oh, you are now in the snake! Grab the faberge egg, the vacuum cleaner parts and the "lots-of-stuff", then mix the flower with the pancake syrup and use it on the snake. In the quicksand, build a pea shooter with a thorn and a reed. Now use the balloon with the paperweight and blow the balloon away from you. Shoot it with the pea shooter and use the life saving vine to get out of the quicksand.

Return to town now walk to the right and go into Longbeard's Chicken, to the right of the undergrowth. Show your reservation slip to get inside. Start by eating a biscuit to get some maggots.

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Push the man at the table, then grab the serrated knife from his back. Also take the pie pan and the biscuit cutter. Use the maggots on the gross chicken to find Longbeard's club membership card. Talk to Longbeard to discover he wants something crunchy - give him the jawbreaker. Next give him the gum, and when he blows a bubble, pop it with your voodoo pin. Take the gold tooth.

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Now chew some of your gum and put the tooth in the chewed wad. Use the helium balloon, then the tooth and gum to send a gum bubble out the window. Head outside and use the pie pan in the puddle to recover the tooth. Now go and give it to Bill to get your second crew member. Finally try to beat Haggis in a caber toss - you will lose badly. Go through the archway in town to the duelling field and use your biscuit cutter in the rubber tree to get a rubber plug. Now use the knife on the saw horse at the grossy knoll. After the keg stops rolling, use the burning ember on the rum trail to bow the rubber tree onto the stack of cabers.

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Now challenge Haggis again and you will have a complete crew. Go to the Brimstone Beach Club and show your membership card to the cabana boy. Grab 3 towels and dip them in the ice bucket. Flick the cabana boy with a towel and take the cooking oil, then head to the beach. Try to cross the sand and you will burn your feet, so use the towels on the sand to cool it first. Now talk to the sunbather - he is the actors' agent. Talk to him, then take the mug and go through the gate to leave the beach. Head to the lemonade shop and switch mugs, then buy some lemonade.

After the boy leaves, take the pitcher and fill it with dye from next to the shop. Return to the beach and give the mug to the agent. Fill it with dye to get him to roll over. Now use the cooking oil on the agent's back and pick up the map. Go back to Danjer cove. To fix the rowboat, use the rubber plug with the paste, then put it in the hole.

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Now row out to the ship and saw the plank with your knife. Get on board and you will be tarred and feathered. Head back into town and enter Longbeard's shop as El Pollo Diablo - you will end up on the ship again. Use your ventriloquism book with Captain LeChimp, then take the map to find Elaine and head back into town by leaving the ship through the window.

Enter the theatre again through the side entrance. Go upstairs to the lights and pull the handle the shine an X near the hetone on the stage. Press the buttons as directed by the map. Use your chicken grease on the cannon balls in the trunk. Once the juggling act is over, head onto the stage and use the shovel to dig for Elaine. Rottingham will steal the map from you at the beginning of this stage - your aim is to recover it.

You can select either easy or hard sea fighting here - makes curse of monkey island walk through difference really. The insult swordfighting is the same as in Monkey Island I - you need to basically learn the right insults and retorts by losing to increasingly difficult-to-beat pirates, then beat them with insults they don't know. Each time you capture a ship's booty, sail straight back to Puerto Pollo and upgrade your cannon.

Once you have the best, attack Rottingham. The insults Rottingham uses are different from all the other captains, but the answers are the same - just use insults that make sense and you will win. Once you beat him, you get the map and sail on to Blood Island. Take the bottle from the sand, then go to the hotel. Head inside and speak to the fortune teller. Get her to tell your fortune 5 times, then grab the 5 death cards. Try to speak to the barkeeper, then read his book to discover that you need an egg, a pepper and some dog hair.

Take the cushion and leave. Head straight to the cemetery, and continue to the next screen to find a blind dog. Take the mallet and the chisel. Feed the dog your maggot-infested biscuit, then take some of his hair.

Now walk to the windmill and pick a pepper. Finally go to the beach, place the cushion on the rocks and hit the tree with the mallet to get an egg. Go back and give the ingredients to the barkeeper and he will wake up.

Talk to him and try all of his drinks, including one that scores you an umbrella.

Curse of monkey island walk through

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The Curse of Monkey Island