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Recent Posts. Let Go Shall We Date? s: Hey, Demon Crashers is out now!

Just two routes at the moment, the redhead Akki and the girl Mirari. Advertise Here. Ah yeah, saw it too. Want to try it but first need to get my hand on the Shinsengumi guys. I want to play the Entry from Uncle Mugen too. Hurray to Easter break Time to play hard. After having played the SE for every other character in Ninja Assassin, I was completely floored with laughter at how descriptively vague Ichika's Sweet Ending was. It was a good vague, but reading the same euphemism repeatedly only heightened my laughter.

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Here. Spoiler The parts that I screenshot of that scene I skipped through most of the lines since I am definitely not typing an entire ending for people with the speed of my thumbs, and I am not fixing their typing errors. Click for my game codes Or go to my forum profile bio Share Topic. Similar Topics. New to Otome games.

Cafe Chat. Sakuragawa : Another new year, it's Hope everyone is healthy and well.

October 02,PM Lilwyn : Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I last stopped by, how is everything? Welcome to KC : How are you doing? September 11,PM harumia : Hi hi! I'm fairly new here tho I've known KC for years. How are you all? I checked the group's website and found it! May 31,PM BloodyDagger : Hello, i'm new here, does anyone know where I could get a walkthrough for the pc game aniversary no kuni no alice? I've been searching far and wide and I still can't find it March 01,AM kokoro-cafe : Actually, just to clarify, are you talking about the paid version or the party version?

February 14,PM kokoro-cafe : No, sorry : February 13,PM cain : if that case is there any tips you could give on getting the super happy ending for the game? February 07,AM kokoro-cafe : Possibly but unlikely anytime soon : February 06,PM cain : will there ever be update on season 3 or season 4 walkthrough of My Forged Wedding you guys only have up to season 2.

November 23,PM Sakuragawa : Made some great memories here and met some nice people. I had to do it twice because the answers don't let me get the special route checks. September 16,AM kokoro-cafe : Hi! Welcome back! August 31,PM Sakuragawa : Hi, it's been a while. June 18,PM. Game News. SMF 2. Welcome, Guest. Please or register. Close. Events Sorry! Spoiler Hidden : You must be a registered user to view this. Here However, I earnestly believe that the writers chose to give Ichika the more explicit scene because Ichika is terribly immature to a majority of readers.

In a weird way, they wanted to even out the The other guys had more interesting full stories, so the writers could just pass with a meh bit of intimacy at the end of the very last scene, as unfulfilled as it made me feel. Ichika's was three parts long. And then the MC took charge! Here Logged Click for my game codes Cute demon crashers cg go to my forum profile bio Print s: October 28,PM cute demon crashers cg OtomeBabe.

June 29,PM by kokoro-cafe. April 06,PM by Yukionnal. What other otome games are you working on? July 02,PM by Sakuragawa. How did you become interested in otome games? February 08,PM by Aiwethryne. Cafe Chat Sakuragawa : Another new year, it's

Cute demon crashers cg

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