Eva green nudity

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In March, the French actress was seen in plate-mail playing the vengeful Persian warrior-queen Artemisia in the action hit Rise of an Empire. With both the upcoming White Bird in a Blizzard and The Salvation arriving in October, has, coincidentally or not, been a renaissance for the year-old.

Who knew that was possible? Here, we see Green trying to do something different from the roles she played before, playing someone that is tumbled into a raw and emotional affair with McGregor that is fuelled by lust and catastrophe as the mysterious disease starts robbing them of their humanity. It completely embodies all that is Eva Green, and she is the beating heart and soul of the film. Green made Isabelle a very interesting and convincing character that was full of passion and contradictions.

Although she appeared to love sex and to want it, deep down she just wanted to be loved. Definitely a star-making performance. Some are utter slobs, I promise you that. Dangerous, insane, sexy and unapologetic, she revels in death and destruction, and accepts no opposition from anyone, whether it is a subordinate or an enemy.

Green completely nailed that, and gets away with it, even if it means kissing he she happily lops off or having a sex-fight with her archenemy. Her stunning beauty, her mesmerising eyes and, of course, the mind-blowing red lipstick was a perfect lure to seduce you into letting her do whatever bad thing she wanted to do to Johnny Depp.

Vesper had intelligence to go with her beauty and Green turned in an enigmatically tricky and emotionally conflicted performance, providing us with a Bond Girl that had raw emotional conflict, as well as real depth.

Penny Dreadfulthe latest TV show by Showtime the company that brought us shows like Dexter, Homeland and Masters of Sexis a supernatural gothic horror series that takes the stories of Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Gray and turns them on their head in truly spine-tingling fashion. While it offered intriguing performances from the likes of Harry Treadway, Josh Hartnett and Timothy DaltonEva Green is the one you remember the most, and the character of Vanessa Ives has never been more enigmatic and complex.

She can be polite and charismatic one minute, vulnerable and broken the next, and then she becomes freaky and scary. Then, later on in the series, she takes that range to eva green nudity absolute limit. What are your favourite performances from Eva Green? Which ones have we left out? Let us know….

She does have a certain something about her. These projects showed her amazing talent in acting. Ravishing — is one word for her. Nice list! Not seen The Dreamers — must check that out. Just hope she stays clear of those cliched Hollywood romances so many hot actresses get drawn to. Thought she was terrific in Casino Royale — that was my intro to her. Wow, guess I need to start checking out Penny Dreadful. Great list here, Green is a fine actress and a lovely looking lady.

Right now Casino Royale would be tops from me. The most recent one I saw was Sin City 2, and while I thought Green did a good job in it as revealing a performances as it was I thought the film generally was poor. Share Tweet. Finn Cole. Finn Cole is an avid fan of movies, video and iGaming, consumer tech and all things silly.

He believes in living life with a smile on your face and trolls social media with happy comments and good vibes. You may also like. Well done for putting Penny Dreadful at 1. The Dreamers…Phwoar! Good top I loved The Dreamers and Dark Shadows. You have to watch that film simply for her. Great list! Casino Royale just has to be No. She just looked incredible in that film.

She is very beautiful and hot in the dreamers. Hi i love you so much. More in Actors. Latest Lists. Top 10 Richard Donner Films July 6,

Eva green nudity

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