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I want to know why Arrow season 4 and Flash season 4 are so hated? Laurel dying that was good, as I never, ever liked Laurel, she was the one character I wanted to see up in the grave, so that happening, made me happy. I'm on episode 15 so far, Season 4 is very good.

No issues with it, aside from the crossover episode which I skipped. As I hate the crossover episodes! Keep the shows separate, as I don't watch Supergirl and haven't watched Arrow since early on in Season 5, I hated the new team Arrow characters and Olicity haters online!

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So I should't be forced to watch those shows in some stupid crossover to know what's going on! I personally think Arrow Season 4 is hated by toxic Olicity haters and Flash season 4 is hated cause of Iris haters, some of which might due to racism considering actress Candice Patton gets abuse online from vile racist trolls. But that's just my personal opinion.

So please tell me why according to everyone else Arrow Season 4 and Flash Season 4 so terrible. This comment is so hypocritical.

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How is my comment hypocritical? Storyline wise, I don't see those seasons being bad. I think you're over-exaggerating their reception's connection with Candice Patton's abuse on social media.

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I don't think so, plus I see people claim seasons 4 of Flash and Arrow are bad because of Felicity and Iris and to me, that just isn't the case. Their characters didn't ruin those seasons of the shows as the shows are good in the fourth seasons. It's possible not everyone agrees with you I know people have different opinions But I want to know, what are the main reasons why most people from what I've seen, seem to think Arrow Season 4 and Flash Season 4 are among the worst of the shows, when for me it's the opposite, those seasons are among the best in the shows?

After I got to the line about "Laurel dying put I smile on my face" I just stopped reading any further.

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Just please read the rest of the post and then tell me why is it a lot of people don't like Arrow Season 4 and Flash Season 4? Arrow season 4 made me stop watching the show, flash season 4 almost made me stop watching it.

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Well it was Arrow Season 5 that made me stop watching the show, plus the Olicity haters. Watched the first 8 episodes, skipped the crossover episode. It's great so far. I seriously LOVE seasons 3 and 4 of arrow. Season 2 is alright but 3 is just trash haha. Season 1 of Legends is probably hated cause of Hawkgirl, I just didn't like her character or the romance with Ray Palmer, who should've died in season 1 in my opinion. A lot of it is personal preference. Many of them disliked the Olicity drama.

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The magic aspect was not popular, especially since Arrow started as an extremely grounded show. Fans who loved the comics were furious that she was shunted aside. I agree with them on a lot of points, actually, and Season 4 is definitely one of my least favorite seasons.

Well I liked the focus on Westallen in seasons 4 and 5 of Flash and the Olicity focus in Season 4, as well as the magic aspect and Laurel dying, as she's the one character I would've been OK with being killed off, though they could've also written her out by having her leave to train with Nyssa so they can kill Malcolm together, in revenge for him killing Sara, as another way she could've left the show.

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I've also never read the comic's. I'm perfectly fine with Laurel being killed off, people who weren't should remember, the show isn't a copy and paste of the comics. Why is Arrow Season 4 and Flash Season 4 so hated? Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. More posts from the Arrowverse community. Created Feb 22, Top posts october 18th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

Flash season 4 reddit

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