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About game: You follow the story of the protagonist, who picks up a suspicious item. These glasses allow him to see through his clothes and use some orders on his target to make them more susceptible to rather peculiar tasks… Glassix is a project aiming to give you another way to enjoy custom made games. Glassix will focus on the story to let you enjoy a more classic visual novel game with point click elements…. Fixed bug with girl staying naked after doll mode was canceled by some event Thanks Squark! Added missing translation for houseQ Thanks Tapk!

Bug Fixed bug with emancipation night event not triggering the single night event if the girl had emancipated Thanks Tianrui Guo! You can find the trigger conditions in the Event List as always. Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex Thanks! Tokie and Romita will have their own bonus event next month too. Same with the new assrub alternatives, the bed and chair commands will be modified next month to allow more easier follow up between commands.

Plus some bugfix after your reports. Thanks for the feedback as always! Regarding the next versions, due to the amount of content gaweb studio glassix level 4, CarpeNoctem will only release 1 girl per month from now on, so gaweb studio glassix months planned for the remaining level 4 for the last 4 girls. Once done, there will be so more versions to add the remaining missing stuff. Minor bug fix Thanks CarpeNoctem!

The usual two new levels for two girls plus two follow up events for the two events added in 0. Added underwear bug appearing under swimsuit sometimes Thanks Spectre! Fixed bug Nabila slave mode image Thanks Tapk! Fixed events not unlocking in gallery Thanks Zac! Fixed night event filter in the Event list so that only the related night events show when filtering by girl Fixed Shizuru character images in Glassix. Fixed Administrative job icon showing in wrong building in City map Thanks Kenshuck! Fixed bug interrupting day 1 if Rin reached affection Fixed missing image during Rin and Ayumi waxing talk repeatable event Thanks Birulei!

Fixed missing image during Sarah toilet event when coming out Thanks Birulei! So, you might have noticed the changelog is a bit shorter this time since I switched my focus to Lust Complex new about that coming soon. The lifeguard quest will also be included in this chain of events at a later date. This version also completes our work on Nabila with her endings and appearance in Kristina obedience level. Regarding the next girl to be included Romita, Atsuko, Tokie and Emikawe might go a different way this time and work on all girls at once rather than one at a time.

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Since lots of images are duplicates mainly the daily commandsit should be faster to work this way and we could deliver their obedience events and commands in 2 or 3 months rather than 4. Fixed missing image about Shizuru during some good endings Thanks Yukino! Fixed bug with girls wearing underwear under their swimsuits Thanks Spectre! Fixed bug with girls in doll mode not staying naked. Fixed bug with girl not wearing underwear when starting a new game Thanks Popfan! Fix bug with some girls good endings not being available despite meeting the requirements Thanks Popfan!

Fixed waypoints tooltip not disappearing when activating the glasses Thanks Fr0stst0rm! Glassix v0. Girls now need at least mood to accept giving you money Thanks TheJohn! Russian translation updated by FomFom French translation updated by CarpeNoctem Fixed bug with Administrative assistant job not unlocking after talking to Marylin, fix is retroactive Thanks Spectre! Fixed bug with wrong underwear showing after editing the outfit in the wardrobe Thanks Ocumura!

Fixed Aquatic park introduction event not triggering Thanks 12tegami! Russian language added in Glassix. Added missing Ayane avatar icon in popup and city map Thanks Spectre! Fixed bug with events not registering as completed in the event list Gaweb studio glassix Slifer83! Quick bug fix — Fixed meeting event for Ayane. Added new game option to earn the daily affection and obedience points faster when interacting with a girl. First, the ask for money event has been moved to its own tab to reduce interactions since players mostly interacted with the talk option to get the daily affection point.

I should have anticipated this. This should make the game less clickity clack. Finally, two small points, players reported the amount of money given by girls to be too high, which I thought too but was not sure yet. However since the affection penalty stays the same, this downside is balanced by the new option to ask money in slave mode which does not cost affection points this way. Fixed incorrect narration line ine Iyo event level 3 Thanks PR!

Waterlily event now correctly awards sexen Thanks Spectre! Gaweb studio glassix bug with events sometimes not being registered as completed Thanks Metawe! Fixed instant transition time between location Fixed bug with wardrobe introduction event occurring to early during day 1. If cheats are enabled, time will not pass, similar to teleport spell without stamina cost. The amount given depends on the wealth of the girl. Fixed issue with girl in doll mode or slave mode not giving access to her room if player did not have the key Fixed bug with pimping icon not reverting when you canceled slave mode by talking with her if the girl was pimping herself Thanks Dalzomo!

Glassix 0. You should not be spammed with error message anymore. Anyway, everything is back in order. As for the new slave events, as said before, I decided to make it a bit different than the usual additional events. There is now a new button in the girl status which allows you to order your slaves to pimp themselves automatically each day during their leisure time. This changes their usual behavior and instead of going home or go to their hobby places, they will instead go gaweb studio glassix the airport rooms and will spend their time pleasing customers there.

This will earn you some money and sexen automatically each day. Only 3 girls at a time can be ordered to pimp themselves. There are 3 shorts pimping events for each girl, one for each room. Kidding :p I know some of you play fair ;P.

Finally, the chinese translation has been updated by another player, Darkbatex. A huge thanks to him for his hard work. Thanks again for your patience and support and let me know if you encounter any troubles with this version! Fixed incorrect variable change in Fujiko night event preventing second option to be unlocked Thanks Dregrin!

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Fixed bug with Marylin lingerie set C not appearing in the item list Thanks Zeph! Sooo, this version was supposed to contain the first batch of new slave events. Since I was already late for the delivery, I decided to release this new version without this content and will instead push it to v0. Published Date: Let me know if you encounter any bug in this version!

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Thanks for your time and support! Fixed night event filter in the Event list so that only the related night events show when filtering by girl Fixed Shizuru character images in Glassix v0. Fixed bug with girls in doll mode not staying naked v0. Russian language added in Glassix v0.

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Quick bug fix — Fixed meeting event for Ayane Glassix v0. Fixed instant transition time between location Fixed bug with wardrobe introduction event occurring to early during day 1 Glassix v0. You should not be spammed with error message anymore Glassix 0. This new version includes 2 new girls level 1, thanks to CarpeNoctem for his hard work. Views: 1, Harem Hotel [0. Search for:.

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