Grand theft auto sex game

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If you've been enjoying your time rampaging around Los Santos and Blaine County but feel like things are starting to get stale, it's understandable that you may be looking for other games like GTA. Let's face it, a lot of us have been in that world sinceand although Rockstar continue to tease us with the prospect of GTA 6 we still have a long wait ahead of us.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other ways to cure your cravings with a GTA-flavoured substitute, and we've picked out our favourites for you. Despite the early 20th century setting, Red Dead Redemption 2 and its predecessor, if you feel like taking a step back in time exemplify GTA's values of player freedom in an expansive open world that feels alive, a commitment to including even the most minute details, and morally questionable men and women doing morally questionable things.

It would be oversimplifying the experience to call Red Dead Redemption 2 "Grand Theft Auto with horses", but it's well worth checking out if you're in a GTA sort of mood. The result was a lacklustre effort that garnered a cult following for two games, but failed to stand apart. That all changed with Saints Row: The Third, which looked at how grim and serious GTA games were getting, said, "f that," and went balls-to-the-wall silly.

This is a game where your gang is so famous and beloved that the opening mission has you robbing a bank dressed in novelty costumes of Lots of GTA-likes get bogged down in being self-serious, while Saints Row is content to just be as silly as it possibly can be. True it's a bit of an older game, but it's backwards compatible on Xbox One and was ported to Nintendo Switch inso you have an excellent excuse to revisit the Saints. Just Cause 4 delights in grand theft auto sex game levels of chaos, and it accomplishes this by giving you, the player, a ridiculous amount of freedom.

Wingsuit: check. Grappling hook: check. The ability to surf on cars as a massive tornado lifts them into the air: double-check. If you were amused by the ragdoll physics of GTA 5just wait till you see what you can achieve in The Republic of Medici. Watch Dogs 2 is essentially that, but blown up to the scale of an entire game. And hey, you get to use pool balls attached to bungee cord as a weapon - that's pretty sweet. Grand Theft Auto has always been celebrated for the way it brings cities to life, cramming its virtual worlds with dozens of side activities to enjoy outside of the main campaign.

Yakuza 0 takes this de philosophy and goes to town on it.

Where Grand Theft Auto 5 has tennis, yoga and stock brokering, Yakuza 0 offers up karaoke, pool, arcades, wrestling, bowling, dancing, gambling and… uh, awkwardly viewing some explicit material in the back of a video store. As that last one can attest to, not all of the side activities are tastefully made, but the sheer volume and diversity of things to do is staggering. The scale isn't nearly as expansive as GTA, but what Yakuza lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quirky, offbeat quality.

Very much sticking to its name by turning into a sleeper hit back inSleeping Dogs brings the likes of martial arts and B-movie stunt action to the conventions of the open-world crime genre. Sadly the sequel, which apparently included a co-op campaign, got canned while still in the early stages of development, making Sleeping Dogs a rare gem that deserves more appreciation for the new ideas it brought to the table. These games come across as more grounded than the GTA series and its ilk, but you can easily see the echoes of titles like San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4 shining through their de.

Luckily, TT Games came up with the next best thing in The brick-based visuals are delightful, the litany of side-quests and collectibles are deceptively well-polished, and the pop culture reference-laden story is a hoot. For those who are able to pick up the recent re-release of the game, Lego City Undercover can now also be enjoyed as a co-op experience, or even a travel-handy one with the Nintendo Switch.

Similar to the capers of Michael, Trevor and Franklin, Payday 2 encourages players to strategize and think through their game plan down to every minute detail, even letting them scope out the place before committing the deed later on that same day.

The focus on online co-operative squad-play also brings to mind the multiplayer heists introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online inbut Payday 2 luckily comes without those painstaking loading times. Truth be told, Simpsons Hit and Run is generally agreed to be one of, if not the best Simpsons video game of all time.

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Grand theft auto sex game

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