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Zabien poses for everyone :www. Pride and Gluttony bonding :www. Fool showing off some magic tricks :www.

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All quake before the might of Senka the ashura of ebony. The horrid ashura leaves nothing but fire and death in his wake. Grand Kingdoms burn to the ground,armies of thousands tuned to ash and fearsome beast torn asunder. But all this is merely a prelude for his ultimate goal. To storm the heavens and claim the Throne on High.

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The heavens have sent their mightiest warrior, but one after another fall before him. It is only a matter of time till Senka tear down their golden gates.

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The runt of her clan, Kaen is looked down and pushed around by her fellow Ashura. Kean stands a measly 7ft tall, can conjure flames that just barely melt steel ,can only carry but a single elephant and worst off, she is unable to summon her celestial arms.

Despite life dealing her an unfair hand she is determined to be the greatest warrior of the ashura.

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To do this she must defeat their most powerful warrior, her eldest brother Senka. Till that day comes she will train and fight till she is ready to face her brother.

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He uses his claws sharp enough to tear wholes in the fabric of time and space, allowing him to travel where ever he pleases. Bam here comes Akil if you would like to support my work you and get early access to art you can go visit my these sites www. Posts Archive. Top Photos.

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