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Harem Collector is an early access, open-world hentai RPG where you play as a destitute adventurer who is nonetheless convinced that he is the greatest Hero of haremcollector wiki land. After experiencing an unexpected windfall in the form of a huge mansion, he embarks on a quest to gather a harem of girls to attend to his needs. Soon, he gets involved in an tangle of intertwining plots, fighting off demonic cults, foreign invaders, ancient curses, rogue slavers, and a traitor within his own harem!

Will our hero be able to triumph over these adversaries and complete his Harem collection? Harem Collector is currently about halfway through it's development cycle. We try to update the game every two months every month for backersso there is constantly new content to explore. While most of the hentai artwork in the game is currently done using 3D Custom Girl, we're in the process of replacing all the sex scene images with 2D art.

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Bad Kitty Games is dedicated to creating fun, unique erotic games for hentai enthusiasts to play, enjoy, and get off with. Harem Collector is only our first project, and we look forward to bringing to life other fantasies for you to enjoy in the future.

He is also President of Bad Kitty Games. Kumiho is the pixel artist behind all our custom icons, sprites and tiles! Hilent is the current artist working with the team, who is working on the games hentai scenes and face sets! Omnibomb is our current Community Manager! GusBus is the artist behind some haremcollector wiki the Diadira CGs and some of the enemy battle sprites!

YukoValis contributed sprite art is currently one of our Discord and Forum moderators! Gurotaku made all the 3D HCG. KakurineDaishiand Eight88 contributing some of the sex scene text shown in the game. Clara Middleton is the game's composer, as well as the writer behind "Rescue Me"!

Feel free to leave questions or comments on thisthe the wikior the forums and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can! Or if you wish to contact NoMoshing directly, check out our contact over on our official site! If you enjoy the game and wish to support us, please consider contributing to our Patreon !

For the exe files, double click it to have it install the game onto your computer. Once done, open the 'Harem Collector' folder where you installed it and double click the 'Game' file with a dragon head next to it to open up the game. For the zip files you must have downloaded and extracted an exe haremcollector wiki of no later than 1 version below so for a 0.

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View all posts. Log in with itch. Hey, just here to ask for an answer of what's probably a really obvious puzzle In the Quest for a Cure, I got stuck in the vamp count's manor, cant seem to figure out the right for clock hands. Tried 3, 9, 12 but none worked.

Am I missing something or just wrong combination? Never mind. I found it out.

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I create a mod script for dash but it wont work. I finally give up and rename the mod ". Then for some strange reason it work. After adding ". I try it again without ". It wont work before now it work. Thats weird. So… About this dialogue… Non-procreative means not for producing offspring… I think the 'non' should be removed, since you also have the second line, meaning you're okay with incest if it's done responsibly… Which currently contradicts the first line…. Nevermind, my bad.

My brain automatically inserted a 'not' before 'condone' given the dialogue windows.

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Love the game and it will be nice if the three generals end up as the main character personal bodyguard after he rescue em. It will be nice too if you can add werewolf or werebeast girls to the harem who will be the house guard. During the Virgin Gynocides quest, I explored all the way to the bottom right side of the map and fought 2 or 3 cultists along with a chthonic horror, but I can't kill the horror.

All my attacks deal no damage, along with any haremcollector wiki I have in my inventory. Is this a bug or is there a trick to this? Edit: Just checked the wiki; I don't have any anti-demon items that can harm the chthonic horror. No matter what I do everytime I start the game it crashes saying " unable to open data scripts. Re-download and install the game from one of the other sites or here that we host the game on.

Same problem. I have been trying to run it through joiplay on my phone because I dont have my computer at the moment. Maybe it just doesn't like joiplay? Stuck on Quest for a Cure, got Larelle after getting quest, can't figure out password, tried using the wiki but haremcollector wiki no avail. I am also having trouble figuring out what tile the water nymph spawns in. Went over every tile around the forest southeast of the ice castle and north of the river on a rainy day and didn't get anything, any pointers. Edit: it's also pretty broken. I got the gist of how it works, you basically place down the furniture you want in the manor, go to another room, click on the furniture you placed it's font has to be shaded, like it has been used or it's the only furniture you haveand then place it in haremcollector wiki manor.

Clear the room and sell the heavy amount of furniture you got from that. I ran into a glitch that prevents me from switching of movement speed. I found the fix for anyone else who has this problem. No rushing, it's just that I saw below that it would come December 9th so I'm confused. Go to discord and report it you'll get a faster response the link to the discord is further down in the comment section. I have 4keys miss only the queenI face her but she didn't want challenging me.

I checked the walkthroughs on wiki before posted. You find yourself in a labyrinth, but don't worry, you can't get lost here. Explore both sides so you get all chests and find yourself facing Karin the Dragoon, the 3rd Strongest member! Nope, all seems fine to me. Follow the small path. I find this secret room, face to karin, try to talk her with the 4keys but the battle don't start.

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Oh ok no problem ok then go to the discord and report it to them they will help you out they've been helping me out with a bunch of bugs from the last update. HI, very cool game. There is a door there, but it is closed. I looked elsewhere, but I don't understand how to continue, I also read the wiki, but nothing What should I do? Is there something I'm missing? You can also go to Youtube, there are a bunch of walkthroughs on there that will help you find stuff that you might otherwise miss and figure out quests that are hard to figure out. Edit: correction it seems to not be broken with dolls text.

Edit: oh and its my old data that i lost. You haremcollector wiki the mod problem right? Go to the Mods folder and create a new folder there called "Scripts" Capitalization is important. For some reason you are missing this folder, whenever the game starts it checks that folder for any modded scripts, if you don't have the folder it crashes. Romeopapa is correct, you need the folder, even if it is empty, this should allow you to start the game.

Hey, I'm on version. Anyone know how to get around this? Also, I am told that bug is hard to reproduce, and if you try the fight again, you should be able to complete it. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Harem Collector. A downloadable game for Windows. What is Harem Collector? Features Final Version 32 collectible harem girls representing a wide variety of personalities, archetypes, and fetishes.

Over sex scenes. Large, immersive, interactive world. Challenging combat that rewards careful thinking and planning. Limited and entirely optional grinding 5 customizable haremcollector wiki houses.

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