How to earn lifestyle points in sims freeplay

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If you have not complete the Cooking Hobby collection for the first time, then complete it now. You will unlocked the chopping boards if you've completed it for the first time, but they are not free and you have to buy them from the kitchen section.

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First, you need 10 stoves 1 star2 or 3 sinks 1 stara toaster 1 star. Then you need 10 adult sims if your sims are busy and you don't have 10 free adult sims, then any above 5 are fine. Third, once your sims have finished cooking, an icon will appear on each Sims's head, showing that the food is ready to served. Click on these icon and your Sims will serve it. If not, they will serve the foods on the floor.

Fourth, each time your Sims serve the food, you will get a collectible reward. If your sims find a new one, you will get Simoleons. Note that after your sims served the food, you must clean it up. The quick way to make the foods disappear is make your sims clean up the plates, quickly cancel the action after they picked up the plates.

With this way, your Sims doesn't have to go to the sinks to clean up these plates.

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Keep cooking Toast, serving and cleaning it up until you find all the collectible rewards! Once you found it all, you get 5 LPs and you can start the collection again! Plus, 10 stoves would cost only 10, simoleons which should take you max 10 days to get.

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While getting the items to complete the collection, you are also generating about simoleons, meaning you could get your 10k in about 30 minutes. This trick rules! I love it I got sick of my sims slipping out the door in between plates though so I took their door away! I don't even bother getting them to clean up the plates I just let the plates pile up around my house. It's great I got at least 50LP today and over 50, coins. Was level 21 when I started. I don't get it how do you do the cooking thing to get LP? If you can answer fast that would be great! I want to get a dog but I have zero lp.

I only have 2 sims. What do I do and how do I set it up? The Sims Freeplay Wiki. In Don't have an ? Start a Wiki. Okay, once you have completed the collection, you can restart the collection again, now the prizes for completing the Cooking collection will be 5LPs.

After you completed the collection for the first time and start again, you no longer need a sim lvl 6 in cooking to get lvl 6 collectible items. In other words, you can complete the collection with a sim that is lvl 1 in cooking without using the sim that is lvl 6 in cooking. Second, Make your sims cook Toast on the stove. Your sims only need 1 minute to do this.

Further time you complete the collection, you get 5 LPs. I got 25 LPs in an hour with this way. Lifestyle Points. If you had doubts about this, just try it. Quote: I'm not waisting all my money on sims simoleans for so many stoves! Just because someone says it works, guys,this is the real world. People lie. Ivetried things that people said workedand seen comment that said it didn't work. That sounds like too much. You just want the attention! I got almost lp this way, sure it works over and over again. You need to complete the Bread Winner quest to unlock the Cooking hobby. Then have as many sims as possible doing the hobby to get 18 utensils.

Like in the image I've posted.

How to earn lifestyle points in sims freeplay

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