Jackin chat

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Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. Close Menu. Forums Lolcow Farms Community Watch. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter GS Start date Jan 16, Our four primary domains are kiwifarms. Be sure to bookmark all of them, and have fun!

Is Jackin Chat a source of lolcows, or should I close this thread? Yes, there's guys talking about mass debating :julay: Votes: 19 No, there's no real content. Votes: 34 Total voters GS Guest kiwifarms. Spoiler: Jackin Material. Spoiler: Show me your dick. Spoiler: Dominator x "friend's" cousin Poor "friend's" cousin Katy.

Spoiler: Jackin for Him. Spoiler: Tennis elbow from Jackin. Null Ooperator kiwifarms. Chat is generally people sharing their sexual interests, roleplaying sexual activities and just helping one another Click to expand Clown Doll said:. Can you tell me what makes them more jackin chat than the Kiwi chat?

They're already better than us. Have a Pepsi Known to generate most horizontal punching power kiwifarms. At first I thought it said "Jackin' Chan". That would at least be a better name - you know, take the edge jackin chat talking about your masturbation habits with a joke. Or something. Retired Staff. Generally everyone is here to get off and go off. So grab your tissue, get a bottle of lube and enjoy a nice edging session on jackinchat.

Any relation to the website www. Used to know a guy who went through every single different "style" of jerking off to see what one s he liked. Needless to say, we're not in touch anymore. AnOminous said:. So they're basically every man on the Internet? Where's the chimping? Circle jerk at its finest. ChurchOfGodBear He's just this guy, you know? People using the Internet to masturbate. How original. I can feel as gay as I want in this thread.

Puppet Pal Clem kiwifarms. Lol, who jacks off, amirite? Loltree Quercus kiwifarms. As has been said, they might be a bit too open about masturbating, but they don't appear weird enough to deserve their own thread. Puppet Pal Clem said:. Are there at least tranny pedos?

With your own hand? Gee whiz, kids today and their crazy f! Shokew Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire! People masturbate to stuff on the net all the fucking time - it's only when you talk about it to others that it becomes a problem. The problem with these people is just that. What they're doing isn't funny as much as it is just cringey as fuck and anger - inducing levels of stupid. I fail to recognize these people as lolcow jackin chat of any kind. Chocolate Elvis Whole lotta shakin', whole lotta shakin' kiwifarms. We need to get back to the matter at hand here.

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Jackin chat

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