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You can see some preview s here. This is the DCU, after all. That he did, and this is a great rendition of it! Nice surrounding scenery and work with his action pose, and the fact that you drew the cityscape around it makes for a much richer image :. Like he follows someone into the local Starbucks, haunts it, follows a customer to their work, haunts it, goes to another floor, haunts it, follows someone to lunch, haunts the cafeteria, until he discovers Henry.

I like the way you think! Want to do dumb goofy shit? And I mean, haunting random places is one of those kickass the flash privileges any spirit would be foolish to pass up. So it seems that ghosts just follow people around in the DCU and this is a thing the living have to accept. Today July 20th is the birthday of Albert and Alvin! He is heavily traumatized but of course never admits it or lets it show, pretends to be fine. He is not fine. It keeps working until one of them Len, Mick, Evan, Digger, Mark asks him to hang around, using their method of not-talking-about-emotions-maybe-not-even-acknowledging-something-fucked-up-happened.

He freaks out and runs. So he has physical trauma He was turning into glass, Flash hurt his arm by accident and falling - his single greatest fear ever - would have shattered, killed him. She sees that he is NOT fine and takes him in. There is ugly sobbing on her couch. She helps him certified psychologist and they get on alright. Not like a house on fire instant connection, but alright.

She sees him as someone who uses childish tricks in a non-violent way and is reminded of Joker who uses similar methods but is, you know, a homicidal maniac.

She saddens him because of her attachment to Joker and how someone so smart fell into his trap and emerged hurt in so many ways. Selina and James team up for crimes of various natures, getting him back into the game.

He realizes that despite all the fun, he misses the Rogues. He does go back but sets up boundaries and rules before. The Rogues having also been torn apart between wanting their friend back and the horrible kickass the flash of having attacked him, on top of their trauma of having died, lost their souls and coming back from that agree and try to help each other.

There are a few moments between Selina and James, but Selina refuses to take advantage of someone in turmoil who is tempted to latch onto any kindness. JJ sitting with his face in his hands, miring Piper who has been ranting for over 10 minutes straight. Piper physically pushing the person next to him onto the ground to make space for JJ in the booth it was Mick who would have gotten up if Piper had asked. Them kicking ass together, being an unstoppable battle couple flirting all the while.

I struggle with action scenes, I see Piper building kickass the flash gigantic sonic cannon and being only able to operate it because JJ negates the weight, Piper encasing the battlefield in silence to interrupt communication and him and JJ still being able to talk through ASL, or them just being in synch while delivering a beating to someone who deserved it.

He ramped up his social justice rants and the Rogues do listen they do, they sometimes misinterpret and screw up, but eventually get it. One of the people always on his side was JJ who truly gives zero fucks about gender or sexuality. But he will defend his favorite person - Piper - and his vengeance was subtle, but effective. He played pranks on the Rogues until nothing was safe. May contain chili oil -yes, even a cheesecake - food coloring or other nasty surprises.

The cupboards? May have zero plates, paper plates, a pie on spring catapulting it into the face of whoever opened the cupboard.

The TV? May not work, may be set to Finnish channels only, may be missing all internal electronics, may have ominous messages scribbled on the inside of the screen. May lose stitching. May have holes. May have been washed with bleach. Or itching powder. Then the torment stops. It takes Digger literal years to figure it out and the other Rogues need to point it out to him.

What tips him over the edge is that the others, who have properly apologized and not made any homophobic remarks, have gotten normal food from JJ, like he brings over brownies, self-made popcorn or cotton candy and for dinners makes lasagna and Digger has not ONCE been able to have any.

Yes, JJ will make two versions of the same dish just to fuck with Digger. The Rogues have like 3 braincells between them and mostly take turns, Piper has it a lot. However, when he meets up with Wally, they have to share. Piper is helping out at a shelter LGBT youth and they kickass the flash received a donation of lots of items. But their transport broke down so Wally volunteers to quickly transport the items. Naturally everyone thinks they did and both decide to roll with it. Nothing much changes in their behavior anyway. There is an emergency, Wally borrows him for superhero work and rushes him back to the fancy brunch place.

But someone saw them emerge from like a kickass the flash alley together and practically dragged Wally inside. Piper and Wally have to play along and make nice. His mother tries to be nice but is very out of touch as are most of her friends.

Piper tries to be on his best behavior despite the constant microagressions, Wally gets a glimpse of how much Piper has to deal with constantly. They get out of there with their sanity barely intact. Then they plan their break-up, have tons of fun and finally some donations come in for the shelter. He is a shark with a wide grin, slicked back hair and a jetblack tuxedo. She is in a backless evening dress, tasteful jewelry and high heels that could kill a man.

They make a spectacle of themselves. They just make it outside before all hell breaks loose and a swarm of guards descends. Not in a million years. After they drop off the money for the people who need it, they eat dinner at midnight at a fast food place, he makes her laugh that snorty unladylike laugh and she wears a pair of his backup shoes he has several pairs because the high heels were murder. They go to their inconspicuous hotel and fall asleep on the sofa.

He also eventually told his parents, around issue However, over the course of his run, a few of his villains also worked out his secret identity, using a variety of different methods. The first time we got explicit confirmation of the fact that the Reverse-Flash knows that Barry is the Flash was in Flash which also kicked off his creepy obsession with Iris.

And yes, Eobard had telepathic powers for awhile in the Silver Age. It was weird. She discovered that Barry was the Flash in issue only seven issues after her debut! Lisa uses this knowledge to repeatedly target Barry where he lives; going after his wife, his family, and even his job at points. He definitely knows by Flashsince Barry inadvertently directly revealed his true identity to him believing it was his father in this issue, but a later conversation Roscoe has with the Golden Glider seems to suggest that he already knew that Barry was the Flash.

The question is, when exactly did he learn this? When he learned that the Flash was Barry would also affect the nature of his decision to possess Henry Allen. That was strongly implied but not outright stated in the Kickass the flash Age, though Johns later made it explicit during his run.

I thought it was really interesting that the story went out of its way to show us that. But only through telephones, and that was after the Henry Allen arc. A few months later, Geoff Johns wrote The Flash: Rebirth not to be confused with the soft DC reboot of that went by the same name. This book was, from what I can tell, primarily intended to do two things: reintroduce Barry to a new generation of fans, and kick off a new title focusing on him.

That being said, I have three main gripes with the story. One is major; the other two are minor but still bug me irrationally…. What does bug me, though, is that what Barry ends up getting Sam convicted of is burglary…. In the original telling, Sam was sent to prison for robbery, so neither of the crimes match the one he was convicted of in his debut issue or the subsequent Silver and Bronze Age retellings. The major gripe is, of course, the dead mom retcon. Prior to the Flash: Rebirth, Barry Allen had grown up with both his parents and no particular childhood tragedies.

In fact, neither of his parents died until after his first death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Another issue with the Dead Mom retcon is the fact that it kind of resulted in Eobard dominating the Flash mythos in a way he never really had ly. This, in turn, lead to an over-saturation of both Eobard specifically and evil Speedsters in general especially ones who bore some degree of similarity to Eobard. That honor still goes to all the retcons tied to Identity Crisis, by a ificant margin. Keep reading. Pre-Crisis Henry was really weird.

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