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Lobster Tube is a video porn aggregator. Shall we enter the lobster porn restaurant? This is a place that collects porno vids from all over the website and links them all from one easy to search place. A bionic porn site, if you will. The good thing about LobsterTube. This can be really fucking annoying, which is why Lobstertube tries to keep things as simple as possible. Another good feature is that Lobstertube always shows you where the video is hosted. Generally, the videos come from popular and reputable places. Overall, Lobstertube is a great option for browsing porn and finding content from throughout the web.

The site features hundreds ofcasting a wide net across all the different types of porn out there, while also having enough videos to support them all. The main features the search bar, plus the main which include Mom, Young, Beauty, Wife, and a lopster tube lot more. Again, keep in mind though that all the videos link outside of Lobstertube, so you may have to deal with some bullshit on the host site even though Lobstertube is really clean. I got more mileage from the most popular videos section than browsing thepersonally.

The mobile layout is just as good as the desktop version. The Google of Porn Videos The content is just as good and plentiful as all the porn sites combined, which is basically what Lobstertube is. As I had mentioned, one good feature in Lobstertube is that each video thumbnail also shows what the host website is.

I never really worried about Lobstertube hosting some shady virus site, especially because Lobstertube seems to be a very professional operation. Lots of government regulation notices and shit like that. There is a ridiculous of …actually too many to properly navigate. What I Like Sites like Lobstertube are great for their selection and lack of. The videos cover a big range ofand it definitely beats browsing other porn sites individually. The beautiful thing about Lobstertube is that it actually has zerounless you count lopster tube links to other members in the network.

The layout is very simple and easy on the eyes. The main also features a menu bar, although I found this thing utterly useless. It includes links to the popular videos and the new videos, followed by thirteen links to all of the other porn sites on the network. Everything is clean and lag-free, which is just too rare in the porno internet world. I never got frustrated or annoyed, even when forced to go to the host site for my lopster tube. Very crisp. We come to Lobstertube not because it has great videos, but because it leeches great videos from other websites.

Another issue is that the videos are just too broad. Sure, there are lopster tube of videos, but if you cut out the gay and shemale shit, how many are left? I think the could also use some trimming. I fucking hope not The Lobster needs some grooming Like with so many porn sites I review, I think Lobstertube could use an update to its layout and logo. The Lobster mascot is so fucking…. Lobsters are one of the most unsexiest creatures on this cursed planet. I also think Lobstertube would benefit from organizing its videos by most viewed, as well as implementing a community and rating system.

I have a feeling they just get paid to feature certain videos on this. Typically, a site like this would have a user registration system that lets people favorite videos, rate videos, and leave comments. But a user community could help a place like this. The owners may want to cook up some unique features that keep users coming back other than just 3rd party porn. Conclusion Lobstertube is the Mandingo of tube sites, with videos collected from across the internet.

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As I continue to grow as a black belt of porno, I find these types lopster tube mass aggregator sites less attractive. I find that sites specializing in specific niches usually have better content, and this kind of place is better suited for a quickie or emergency session rather than a nice thorough jerk. Lobstertube is part of adultwebmasternet. This is a traffic network for tube sites where other porn sites actually buy traffic from Lobstertube and other sites on the network by linking their videos.

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