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You are the principal of a new magic university. Why did the minister decided to create a new school and name you the principal? While it may sound like a good position, you will soon understand why the school was made. But in the end, it's up to you to make the university a paradisaical place full of love and with a lot of warmth that can be shared between the teachers and the students.

Live in the university with your students and solve their problems so that they can focus on learning.

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Right now, there is only one furry and you can't "interact" with her. There will be more in the future. Last edited by hagya on Tue Oct 20, pm, edited 1 time in total.

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I put like 48 days into now and I think I'm mostly done. Was able to beat the beach with the guy and seen all evening scenes. Is it possible to cure the manalock yet? Is there any benefit to beating the beech, or is the pre-boss art the best thing there? There's a public version, and a patreon version with more porn in it. I've updated the original post with the links to the final version. Reply with quote Re: Magic University Principal by musical74 » Tue Oct 27, pm Played through it, beaten it, kind of wondering why Piparzo calls you every so often to brag about how wonderful he is.

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He may have been a fellow student when you were but now he just seems to annoy the principal. Maybe it's just because I don't care for the personality though. Think I've only seen one furry the maidor are you counting the slime and the succubus as "furry" as well? Otherwise, there's still just the one furry to do Favorite part is probably when Adelie shows off her breasts to pass the "challenge" in the forest, and comments "I should go braless more often! Reply with quote Re: Magic University Principal by hagya » Mon Nov 02, pm Pipiazo story should had been expanded and there should have been more furries but the game was stopped hurriedly.

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