Master therion demonbane

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Is the current head of the Black Lodge and titled as Grandmaster, this youth with a contemptuous, bored expression cares little about those who cannot match his vast, mystical power, thus allows Kurou to survive their many scuffles so as to provide him a challenge and amusement. He is the child of Nero, "the greatest and most wicked magician in the world," and the Outer God Yog-Sothoth. Doubles as a durability feat.

It should be noted the scimitar scales with Kurou's magical power who earlier could perform small country level feats.

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This includes attacks from the casually building level scimitar of barzai. Post Resurrection likely scaling to a much higher degree due to being able to fight Late Game Kurou. This means mages manipulate and rewrite the information of the universe. Every spell magicians create are "universes. Each of which can shake an island casually.

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It's not in the title. Whoops lol, my bad, it's demonbane. More posts from the respectthre community.

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Master therion demonbane

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Kurou & Master Therion (Demonbane) vs Lucifer & Michael