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They were released on Hasbro's official YouTube channel and aired on Discovery Family throughout the summer of The shorts are each between two to four minutes long and focus on Slice of Life topics such as the moments leading up to the Fall Formal, Twilight doing science-y stuff, pep rallies, Monday mornings, and the girls' respective part-time jobs. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Episode Title Card : Like the shorts linked to a movie, all of these shorts have unique, lavish title cards. Off-Model : The animation in general looks "off" in the Canterlot Shorts, compared to the specials, movies and the music videos. This is because the animation for them was handled by Boulder Media Inc. In particular: The way lighting is rendered is very different — compare, say, "Raise This Roof" with the first film's scenes set in the Fall Formal.

Boulder Media makes use of smear animation, meaning that fast action sequences such as the girls' dancing in "Raise This Roof" look smoother than the rest of the short and similar sequences in DHX Media's work compare, again, Rainbow Dash breakdancing in "Raise This Roof" versus her breakdancing in "Dance Magic" or "Get the Show on the Road". Conversely, smaller and subtler actions such as Applejack's "oh no no" hand-waving in "Make Up Shake Up" are slightly stiffer and less natural than the DHX equivalent.

More literally "off-model" is the fact that small details — such as the way the girls' hands are drawn when they have them open in a palm with all fingers together — are straight-up drawn differently than the usual models, implying that Boulder's mlp summertime shorts are different from DHX's. In particular, Sunset is back to her old attire from the first film and her hair colors match her Movie 1 and Rainbow Rocks model, and Scootaloo is drawn with noticeably thicker eyebrows than in the movies.

Slice of Life : Each episode being quite short and self-contained, they stir away from the usual supernatural shenanigans of the other shows in the series, focusing instead on cute slice-of-life moments with minimal teen drama.

Storybook Opening : The first three Canterlot Shorts start with a Canterlot High yearbook opening to the first scene of the story. Fitting since those three shorts are happening in the past of the series, compared to the other shorts set in the "present". Make Up Shake Up. Faux Horrific : Applejack's rather over-the-top reaction to Rarity's make-over includes Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irisesa bit of "Psycho" Stringsand a threatening black and red background.

Red Filter of Doom : The background becomes black with red, glowing stripes when Applejack sees Rarity's makeup work. Staggered Zoom : Applejack's reaction is accompanied with three successive close-ups to her horrified face. Uncanny Valley Make Up : A bit downplayed in that it's not that awful, but Applejack is seriously horrified at the of Rarity's make-over. A Photo Booth Story. Adaptational Early Appearance : Pixel Pizazz is present in this short, despite her formal debut being in Rainbow Rocks as she was nowhere to be seen in the original Fall Formal taking place in the first movie.

And she seems to have her hands mlp summertime shorts containing her friend's exuberance, notably narrowly catching the camera Photo Finish offhandedly tosses at the end of the photo shoot before it'd hit the floor. Blind Shoulder Toss : Photo Finish seems to have an habit of tossing things, as she does it first with a drink bottle, and then with her own camera which is thankfully caught by Pixel Pizazz.

You'd think a photographer like her would take better care of her equipment. Gratuitous German : Photo Finish yells out a "nein" during a burst of rapid fire nos.

Interquel : Takes place during the first film's Fall Formal, ostensibly before the final battle note the girls aren't yet ponied up. Mythology Gag : Rarity briefly dons a pair of large, shimmering butterfly wings that are almost set on fire Rainbow Dash saves her just in timeand Princess Twilight and Pinkie dress up like the stereotypical depiction of Sherlock Holmes and Watson — things that recall episodes of Friendship Is Magic. Rapid-Fire "No! Shout-Out : Rainbow Dash at one point briefly dons a mask that wouldn't look out of place in a tokusatsu show such as Ultraman.

Sudden Anatomy : Fingernails aren't usually drawn in Equestria Girlsbut Photo Finish's thumbnail is visible when she holds the Crusaders' picture. Raise This Roof. Crazy-Prepared : Pinkie has a trophy stashed just in case of sudden, epic dance-offs. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, although it quickly degenerates into just Applejack vs. Rainbow Dash, with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo pushed aside. They forces and upstage their sisters. A Day in the Limelight : It can be seen as this for both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, despite them not having any dialog; they have a fairly large role alongside their sister and sister figure, respectively.

Interquel : The last of the shorts to take place during events of the first film — during the Fall Formal, of course. Hammerspace : As Pinkie Pie pulls a trophy out of nowhere, Twilight actually asks her where she stashed that.

Mythology Gag : Pinkie having a trophy just in case of epic dance-offs brings to mind a similar gag with Pony Pinkie Pie having secret emergency stashes mlp summertime shorts random things such as eyepatches in "It's About Time", in case of eyepatch or whatever emergency. Steps of Pep. Mad Twience. The '80s : Both the plot and title are takes on the movie Weird Science. The song is in the style of an '80s pop song like early Madonna or Debbie Gibson. The title card is in the style of '80s sci-fi. Bait-and-Switch : At first it seems like Twilight might be building something — possibly a robot — modeled after her Love InterestTimber Spruce.

She's actually building a robot puppy friend for Spike to play with. Blind Shoulder Toss : Twilight discards a non-functioning piece of equipment behind her back in frustration. Naturally, it starts blinking rapidly before exploding. Evil Laugh : On the title card, Twilight stands by a doorway while laughing maniacally or so it seems; it's not animated.

Love Makes You Dumb : Between the visuals and some lines in the song, it's implied Twilight's crush on Timber Spruce tends to make her distracted at times. Monday Blues. Crazy-Prepared : Twilight has two umbrellas on her person, which proves handy when the first one gets torn off her hands by the wind. Rarity is seen at her locker with a bag filled with all sorts of cosmetic appliances, such as a hair curler. She's too messy — and too stressed — for them to be mlp summertime shorts any help.

Cue the Rain : Sunset and Twilight stand at their respective houses' doorsteps, with Twilight taking note of how it's a very nice morning. Then it starts pouring just a few seconds later. Cute Kitten : Amidst many obstacles, Sunset stops for a few seconds to pet a mlp summertime shorts laying in a cardboard box.

Idiosyncratic Wipes : A few original transitions are used according to the situation, like with screen wipes using Twilight's toothbrush, Twilight blowing her hair, Sunset's coffee cup, and Twilight's umbrella that was blown away by the wind earlier. Impact Silhouette : Rainbow Dash leaves an imprint of her silhouette after impacting the lockers at Super Speed. She doesn't go through them, however.

Interclass Friendship : The perspective switch between Sunset's and Twilight's respective morning routines at their homes shows that they have quite a contrast going on: Sunset has a cozy but smallish two-story home, sparsely furnished and with things such as a microwave oven and minifridge with no proper stove really visible. Twilight's room is immense, and she lives in a Big Fancy House befitting such a big fancy bedroom. Justified because Twilight most likely still lives with her parents, while Sunset, coming from Equestria, doesn't have parents in this dimension and has to pay for her flat while still going to school.

Noodle Incident : The short focuses on Twilight's and Sunset's efforts to get to school in time during a particularly bad Monday morning. At the end, we get to see that the rest of the girls didn't have much better luck; in particular, how Fluttershy ended with a bird's nest — with a live bird — stuck in her hair and how Rarity ended as a literal crying mess is left to the imagination though Rarity can be interpreted as having dried her hair from the rain and trying to restyle it.

Not a Morning Person : Sunset Shimmer, befitting her name. Mlp summertime shorts oversleeps and ends running late to school while there's a thunderstorm going on. Sunset slaps the snooze button on her alarm clock several times, and numerous cracks in the casing suggests she's rough with it on a regular basis.

Roide Wave : Twilight thinks she can stay dry from the rain thanks to her umbrella, but gets splashed by a roide wave from the school bus.

And then she misses said school bus. Rule of Funny : Sunset falls waist deep in a puddle on the sidewalk, and in her next scene, gets chased by a poodle. Split Screen : The screen is split in two to show both Sunset and Twilight waking up, them exiting their houses, checking their phones for the time, and then arriving at school. The split recesses when they both reach the statue socle at the same time.

Too Fast to Stop : Happens again to Rainbow Dash, as in Legend of Everfreewhen she's running late for school at super mlp summertime shorts because of the rain, ending up slamming into the lockers at CHS. When It Rains, It Pours : Literally the first time in animated Equestria Girls media that it rains — and it's a heavy rain that turns into a thunderstorm and keeps growing worse as time goes by.

Poor Sunset Shimmer, Twilight, and implicitly the rest of the girls have to make their way through it. Your Makeup Is Running : Poor Rarity is seen at school as an absolute mess — and she's crying hysterically as she tries in vain to fix up her messy appearance.

Pet Project. Companion Cube : Pinkie's pet, Gummy the alligator, is just a stuffed toy. Compressed Adaptation : Fluttershy's role here is much shorter and less wacky than her pony counterpart singing "Find a Pet" in " May the Best Pet Win ".

Mlp summertime shorts

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