Mnf club update log

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Now seems like a better time then ever to give my thoughts on what I think is going on behind closed doors. Hello everyone just wanted to let you know that an article is in the works this one will be about genders and relationships.

I hope you all will enjoy it and again I will be taking survey questions If you want to participate just send me something on discord twitter or mnf.

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I am still looking for more authors and editors if you want to help make the site grow please let me know. Thank you all again for the much needed support and see you all soon. Thank you all for being here for the start of my new blog I plan to keep this site updated and making constant changes.

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If you are interested in helping me write or edit articles I am going to open the doors soon to let other people post their thoughts. Please check the contacts if you want to reach out to me and are interested in helping.

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Thank you all and have a great day. Have you ever thought back to the first time you saw or experienced something? I like to think back to the first time I was on an airplane. The wonder and suspense of not knowing what was coming next was magical, but as soon as you get used to flying the magic becomes lost.

Something as amazing as going above the clouds in a giant metal bird has become nothing but a chore to get to your destination. You make your avatar, pick your name and once ing up is done you are suddenly surrounded by all kinds of people, some with a focused goal and some with no clear direction or purpose. What to do next is completely up to you; farming some money with mini-games, finding a sex partner or even just chatting up some strangers. There is no right or wrong way to play MNFClub, and perhaps that was the beauty of the game.

Home About Contact. WoW Graph. So what does all this have with player experience and newcomers?

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The most important part of the WoW comparison is the WoW player data from to These were the second and third most recent expansions in WoW history. When the content updates came out, it was a mad dash to try all the new things they added and right after the initial rush settled, the player sub count dropped drastically with the lack of consistent updates and interesting content, and with players leaving they also take their money with them as well as their word-of-mouth advertising for the game which I feel is the lifeblood of most MMOs.

The lack of content, updates leading to a drought of new players, which le to the lack of a reason to even come to what is supposed to be a social MMO. Survey Data.

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The data posted shows the split between the of males and females and the level gap. What is more interesting was that it was all over the place and so was the general opinion of the surveyors. Like I stated before, how you play MNF is completely up to you. There are still many who enjoys the game even they are lvl 11 now. I personally get my enjoyment from dressing up and going to events and meeting people in social settings.

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Which begs the question, do new players have a chance to experience that? To sum up my points; new players have it rough, old players are slowly getting bored and if nothing is done by the players or the developers the game is going to be worse off.

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I am not saying MNF needs to be the pinnacle for sophistication or value, but what I am saying is that as a community we all might as well try and make the best of what we have and each other, to keep the game fun and active. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

Mnf club update log

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