Patreon games free

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Select a membership level. Help to pay for the server where the games are stored. Helper level Bronze. Helper level Silver. About Porno-Apk. Important: The "pay-up-front" feature is enabled, so take it into when making or updating a new pledge for example, if you are going patreon games free pledge on the 31th of the month, is best to wait till the 1st so Patreon doesn't charge you twice! Just a friendly reminder : Dear friends! ly, we believed that what we do is pleasant to users of our site and they are ready to support us financially, at least with one dollar.

They see that there is advertising on the site, and therefore believe that the site does not need support. But they do require us to quickly add new games and updates. For information, the total size of all games is GB! All games are added to three servers, which means that GB of disk space is already occupied on three servers. Seeing that no one supports us and site traffic is not growing, all desire to work disappears.

For that matter, we will slowly add new games and updates, and sometimes we will take breaks. More than porn games for Android have already been added to the site, with a total size of more than GB. New games every day! No less than 30 new games from the voting. Link: Voting .

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Patreon games free

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