Perestrelo family life

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Friday, November 23, The novel will contain only events from the game. If you like this idea you can get the continuation of the novel by supporting it. The version 0. This amount can be compared to an average length of a novel, which is times bigger than majority of the games of this genre. Version 0.

Versions, available for VIPs at the moment, in comparison with 0. We are planning to double the existing amount of events and photos for the final release of this game! Over standard s of text and 2, GIFs and photos. The unravelling of the plot is pretty big already:. Now you can develop your relationships with her to the anal sex little by little. The events with Gina lead you to having sex with her. The events with Caprice lead you to having permanent sex with Pedro, what is considered to be a happy ending.

We will help you to complete the game if you support in some way. Over standard s of text and 2 gifs and photos! We added 30 new events: 27 events with Foxy and 3 events with Laura. We continued one of the sequences of events with Foxy. The course of events with her participation goes to the group sex with her classmates. This is the end of the Story with Foxy and her classmates. Using dirt against Foxy and Pedro their photo shootJohnny Adams starts blackmailing them putting more and more pressure on them. Foxy has the second series of perestrelo family life where there will be a lot of lesbian sex… and a little bit of Pedro.

Almost all the events in this version are much bigger than all the ones. There are three events left in this series. Then we will continue our work on the second series of events with Foxy — since this is what fans of our game want, and we will meet their needs. Events with Johnny blackmailing the main character, Foxy having sex not only with Pedro but also with Johnny, and… …. In the end of this series there are two different endings:. There is still one possible good ending for Foxy and one successful way out from a difficult situation with blackmail for Pedro.

We did a lot of work last month, so this version perestrelo family life a lot of new stuff! Apart from 10 obligatory events with Foxy we started and finished a new thread with a new female character in this version of the game. Thanks to blinki who sponsored our additional work, apart from these 10 events with Foxy we also added 32 new events with a new character — Lily.

About a half of events with Lily are small, so we round the down and we can say that about 20 events with this new character were added to the game. We started and finished the whole separate thread with her in this version of the game.

Therefore, the new version of the game has 30 new big events! We finished the long thread with Foxy we added 3 events that complete the long thread with her and we added new events to her second thread. We recall that in order to start the second thread with Foxy you need to choose to go soft on your daughters when presented with a choice. In this version we added a little bit more than 10 new big events with Foxy we continue her second thread.

We worked a lot on a logic and interesting continuation of this thread. Thanks to that the next version will have about 15 new events where Foxy will have threesome with Pedro and Laura, and a lesbian perestrelo family life with Laura. In this version we added 13 new big events with Foxy we continued her second thread.

In the next version of the game we will finish this thread with Foxy. This perestrelo family life is divided into two series of events: one has events with Foxy, Laura and Pedro Both of these series will be finished in the next version of the game, thus all evens with Foxy in this game will be carried to its logical conclusion. Then we will keep working with another character: we will finish either Gina's or Angelica's thread Actually, little by little we're finishing working on this game, and thanks to your support of our project there will be the Pedro 2 game, but this game will be in 3D.

In this version we added ten events to Gina's thread and a new ending. Hint: to unlock new events you'll need to complete the old thread with Lola. Gina's thread is getting much longer and much more interesting than we expected and we will finish it in the next version of the game 1.

In a family where a father is a model his daughters want to follow in his steps In the version 1. The game has 20 different endings already. There are a lot of different thre with different characters. Sex with Gina in her thread and sex with Foxy in her thread. Sex with Gina in her thread and sex with Angelica. Sex with Foxy in her thread and sex with Gina and Laura. Sex with Caprice in her thread and sex with Angelica… 1.

In this version we added 11 new events and one new ending. We added 6 events to Laura's thread when Pedro has been sleeping in the guest room for more than three months and 5 general events.

General events can be unlocked automatically when you proceed far enough in the game with involved characters. We added one general sex event of Gina and Angelica, a few sex events of Angelica and Caprice, one sex event with Angelica, Caprice and Michelle, and a group sex with Angelica, Caprice, Patrick and Pedro.

In the next version of the game we will add perestrelo family life events of group sex with Gina and Foxy, sex with Laura and daughter. We wish you happiness, health, love and great sexual achievements. We added a dozen of new events in the game and one ending. We added: 8 events to Laura's thread - when Pedro has been spending nights in the guest room for over three months - we finished this thread and we continued the old thread where Pedro and Laura have a normal sexual and family life with some adventures We also added two general events:.

General events of group sex with Pedro, Gina and Foxy and one big event where almost all the characters from the game are taking part General events can be launched automatically when you go further enough in the game with some of these characters.

In order to launch the general event with big group sex you need to go further enough in thre with the following characters:. Gina, Angelica, Foxy and Lola. We will finish the thread with Laura and Foxy in the next version. We finished almost all the thre in the game and the new public version is almost ready. Five events were added to Laura's thread, another five events were added to Caprice's thread the thread continues after the "Sex with Caprice" event and the following dialogue — the choice on the thread fork.

We added 11 new events. We continued adventures with Caprice perestrelo family life we started in the version of the game and we finished this thread. We added 10 new events with Caprice and two new endings. We continued events with Caprice starting a new thread from the " Sex with Caprice" event, and we finished this thread and the last one. The version 1. All events with Caprice are finished. We also finished the thread with Foxy and Laura, having added two new events. All events with Foxy are finished. We will finish two other big events and all the events with Laura will be finished.

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Perestrelo family life

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Family Life of Pedro Ivanov Morgan-Perestello [version Full Events]