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My father left when I was still little. I see how hard my mother works. I see her struggle and my brother works to help, too. I wanted to do something for my family, and this man - he told me I would make enough money to feed my family and more, that we could have a different life. But I never saw any money He said it was a modeling job, but I did not think it was this kind. Other girls were there, too.

I wanted to leave, but he said he would show the pictures everywhere if we did not make pornhub forced fuck. I did not want that. I did not want to hurt my family. When it comes to sex trafficking, its most familiar context is within the prostitution industry.

But there are other forms of sex trafficking outside of forced prostitution. The commercial sex industry is vastly diverse, and human trafficking occurs in each sector, especially within the pornography industry.

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In the porn industry, human trafficking takes place on multiple fronts; however, due to the nature of how porn is produced and distributed, it can be extremely difficult to identify the presence of trafficking along with its source. Oftentimes, survivors of sex trafficking are subjected to more than one form of exploitation.

As a means of controlsome traffickers will take pornographic photos of victims and threaten to shame them by exposing these photos to their families back home. Traffickers will then sell the content by ing it to mainstream porn sites in addition to exploiting the victims through prostitution.

In other cases, survivors are exploited solely for the purpose of producing pornography. At The Exodus Road, our investigative teams take this very seriously as they pornhub forced fuck for evidence of human trafficking. In a recent rescue, Operation SCOPEour investigators encountered this type of trafficking first-hand, providing police with evidence of pornographic content being sold by the trafficker of four teenage victims. The trafficker was arrested and is now facing charges. Today these young girls are free and have been reconciled to their families.

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High rates of consumption fuel high demand. If a minor is involved in commercial sexual activity, it is classified as human trafficking without question and without exception. This includes exploitation through child pornography. With the popularity of child porn consumption among users, the demand for producing this type of content is also high. Internet Watch Foundationa nonprofit based in the UK, works on a global scale to identify, remove, and disrupt child sexual abuse material online. Internet Watch Foundation receives and processes data from reporting portals hosted across four continents and 50 nations worldwide.

Pornhub forced fuck, URLs were assessed and confirmed as containing or offering access to child sexual abuse imagery. Though it appears self-made by the victim, at its essence, this is human trafficking. As porn is distributed, companies behind the porn websites profit off of the sexual abuse of these children. But this is not only true for children. While data behind child porn consumption provides a narrow glimpse into how widespread human trafficking is within the porn industry as a whole, it is certainly not a complete picture. The expectation placed on porn actresses and actors to appear consensual constitutes difficulty in determining consent versus coercion within adult content.

Department of State. Even among the mainstream porn entertainment industryrecruitment and employment of actors and actresses can involve deception, threats, and drug use. These actresses are now survivors of human trafficking. Though LA Direct Models operated with such practices for years, this was only recently addressed and is just one example of potentially thousands among the commercial porn industry.

Additionally, even if users are able to pornography for free, website owners will profit from the pornhub forced fuck flow generated to the website content. This is where the lines between legal pornography and human trafficking become particularly messy. An example of this can be seen in a recent campaign launched against Pornhub, arguably the largest porn website in the world. In response to the extensive bank of illegal material hosted on Pornhub, thousands of voices have ed a movement advocating for the website to be shut down.

Types of content Pornhub profits from include cases of human trafficking and the rape of a year-old girlwith over confirmed cases displaying child sexual abuse according to an Internet Watch Foundation investigation. Who can access this? Anyone candownload, or access content on Pornhub, requiring only an. With approximately 42 billion visits annuallyPornhub profits millions each year off of this content.

Globally, porn is a 97 billion dollar industry, and the US s for 12 billion of it. Top porn entertainment companies like Pornhub advertise to and receive content from countries all over the world. Human trafficking in the porn industry cannot be isolated to one location or one population. With the majority of porn accessible online, pornography of a trafficking survivor living overseas is just a search away. Though human trafficking looks different in the porn industry than in the prostitution industry, we know that it happens. The reality and extent of human trafficking can seem daunting at times, but at The Exodus Road, we know every rescue, every arrest is a tremendous victory and a step in the right direction.

Our team and our operatives will continue to press on, for the sake of the four young girls rescued from a life of exploitation in Operation Scope, and for the sake of the many survivors enduring abuse whose freedom is still worth fighting for.

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Human Trafficking vs. Celebrate 9 years with us by finding and freeing more girls and boys! Give now. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Close Search. How are porn and human trafficking related?

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How common is human trafficking within the porn industry? View their research. What about porn content on free websites? Porn is a global issue Globally, porn is a 97 billion dollar industry, and the US s for 12 billion of it. Prostitution Anna and Sophia: Trafficked from Europe. Taylor Tennis. Trafficking Forced Labor in the United States. Micah Hartmann July 6, Mary Nikkel June 29, Share Tweet Share Pin.

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