Sex farm stories

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When I was 18 I started to get curious about guys. Was it the same as a xxx or maybe a xxx? Some nights I would lie in bed masturbating thinking of it.

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I think it was September and I had my window open. I have a large bedroom with sliding glass doors going out to the deck. Sometimes at night I would stand at the glass doors naked fantasizing that Prince Charming was out there looking at me. A lot of nights I would hear mom and dad in the next room creaking their bed and I wondered what it would be like. Oh mom told me all about sex and I guessed that was happening every Saturday night in their room.

I just wish I could watch. Then I had an idea. While Mom and Dad were out shopping one Saturday, I went into their room and opened their curtain a little, then I went o ut to the deck to see what I could see. Finally I had the curtain adjusted perfectly, giving me a shot of the whole bedroom. I knew they always had sex with sex farm stories light on as I could see the light shining on the deck when the bed was creaking.

I showered then went to bed, preparing myself for this exhibition. I laid on the bed, with the lights out and naked waiting. Finally I heard their door shut and saw the light come on. I slowly got out of bed and opened the sliding glass doors very carefully and bent down looking into the room. Mom was naked walking around the room, then Dad came in. Shit, his cock was pretty big! They kissed each other, then I saw mom get on the bed and sit there.

In a couple minutes dad came to mom and he put his cock to her mouth and she was sucking. I was really getting turned on by this! My hand went to my pussy, and believe you me, it was very wet! Then dad laid on the bed and mom got on top of him and reached down and sex farm stories his cock in her pussy.

This was great. My hand was really busy as I bent down watching this. Then I felt something cold near my butt. It was Max, our German Shepherd. I tried to push him away because he was distracting me from the view. Darn xxx. The xxx kept up and finally I had to go back to my room thinking of mom and dad….

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I wondered what it felt like to have a cock in my mouth and, well, maybe in me too. Max had a cock! I turned and saw him looking at me through the glass door. Should I? Why not?

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I got off the bed and opened the glass door and let Max in. I helped him on the bed and he licked my face then I petted him. He naturally rolled over on his back and I could see by the light of the moon that his red cock was coming out of him. I took my hand and started rubbing it and it got bigger!

It felt sticky as I massaged him. I bent down and stuck my tongue to it.

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It tasted weird! Then I put it all in my mouth and sucked for a minute.

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I kept rubbing him and then I felt a knot in the back. Sex farm stories got under him and sucked again while rubbing him. Boy, was I getting hot!! Then I laid down and started to masturbate. Max stuck his nose to my pussy and then he licked and I just about went to the roof!

He tongue even went in me! So this is what it was like to have a cock in me. I was sure enjoying this and Sex farm stories massaged my breasts as Max licked. Would his cock feel better? I got on my hands and knees, really not knowing what to expect. Max climbed on and I felt him trying to stick his red cock in me, so I reached behind and guided it in.

He thrust forward tearing my cherry! Tears were streaming down my eyes and finally I just let him fuck me and in a few minutes I was enjoying this! I felt my pussy opening. His knot was going in!! I was getting fucked! In a few minutes I felt him shoot in me and I came at the same time.

I just laid there and I guess I blacked out. When I came too, Max was lying at the foot of the bed. Man, that was great!! I looked at the clock. I felt my pussy. It was all sticky. I brought my finger up and tasted this stuff, then I started to suck my finger thinking it was a boys cock. I wanted to suck a cock! I got Max back on the bed and petted him and he rolled on his back. His cock started to come out and I got down and started to suck him.

Then he stood up and I just kept sucking. In a few minutes he was thrusting his hips, ramming his cock in and out my mouth. I sucked faster and then he started to cum and WOW there was a bunch! I swallowed the best I could but a lot of it came out my mouth. Every Friday night this started to be a ritual.

I would look in at mom and dad and then I would bring Max in my room and we would fuck. Sometimes during the week when dad was in the field and mom was in the house, I would take Max to the barn and suck his cock and sometimes I would just masturbate him. Actually I was afraid I would get pregnant by Max. That would be awful!! One weekend, dad had to go to the Cattlemen association and would be gone all weekend leaving mom here.

I was lying in bed under the covers trying to figure out what to do when mom came in. Could I ask you a question? How did she know? Have you sucked his cock yet? Keep a secret? Mom went to the glass doors and brought Max in and put him on the bed. Max just laid on his back. His red cock came out in a hurry. Mom just smiled at me and bent down and put his cock in her mouth.

My face went closer and then it was just natural that I moved mom off Max and I started to suck.

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Mom was playing with my tits and it felt really good. Then she got behind me and tongued me and I was in heaven. Mom spread her pussy lips and smiled. I bend my head down and started to lick her while Max was fucking me. I was lost in this world!! In a few minutes, mom and I exchanged places.

Boy, she sure knew how to lick! Mom said she would like to see Dad fuck me someday and we would just giggle about it. Mom became my very best friend. Well, Dad has never done it with me, but I am sure that mom asked him too.

Sex farm stories

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