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Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 9 posts. A couple of weekends ago my wife and I visited a good friend of my wife and her husband in Connecticut. Andrea and her husband Dr. Keith are way more successful than my wife and I, and they have a very large and impressive house. She is a cancer doctor and he is an anesthesiologist.

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My wife knows her very well, they have been friends since grade school, but I had only met her twice before at different events. My wife will talk to her regularly and they e-mail each other very often, sharing secrets and stories, and tid bits from day to day life. Dr Andrea is a very attractive and fit woman of 42 years, she is tall and thin, 5'9 pounds, long straight light brown hair and light blue eyes, with long legs, and long thin size 10 feet. My wife and I are offered a sail boat ride by them, but I get sea sick very easily, so I politely refused.

Keith asks if it would be okay to take my wife out, for about an hour, and his wife and I said sure- why not. Andrea said she would stay in their back yard with me. Our kids are at sexy feet stories, so it is just her and I alone.

She offers me to get in this giant hammock, hung between two massive trees, and although I'm a big guy, I'm like Pee-wee Herman in this thing. She goes and gets us both a nice ice cold brew on this hot day, and returns quickly. Mind if I you, she asks? We hardly know each other, so that surprized me, sure, I said. Her next move was even better, she gets in on the other side, and places her sexy sandaled feet on the right side of my face, the same sandals that I've pictured above.

I take a gulp of my beer, and try to be cool. Like my sandals she asks? In my mind my thoughts are- what? Don't worry, your wife told me that you like feet, and I thought it was cute, so I thought I'd have some fun! Fun at my expense? Of course! She laughed, so do you like my shoes? I do they are sexy, I said, drinking some more, trying hard to be cool.

My feet are hot, be a dear and take them off for me, and she places one foot at a time on my golf shirt, and my shorts showed my putter. Oh that is so much better, and she crossed her long legs resting her feet on my chest inches from sexy feet stories face. I starred at her slightly dirty foot soles. My hubby doesn't like my feet at all, she says. Why, I think they're so pretty. He says they're way too big, size 10 you know, they are slightly bent-from all the sexy shoes I wear, and he says they smell!

He won't touch them, and she wiggles them raising them up and down. I get pedicures every two weeks, he still hates them. I love to have my feet rubbed, but he won't do it, her toes graze my chin and wiggle. I grab her right foot and start rubbing it like a homeless guy with a genie bottle.

That is so good, rub under the toes, harder, faster, yesssss!!! Christ, it was like we were hot and heavy, but all I was touching was her sexy foot. Rub the heel, that's it, it was dirty and a little rough, not as soft as the rest of her sole and her long toes. Do the other one, do it now! She ordered me, and I liked it. Rub my big toe, up and down, yesss, that's it, your a real foot guy! She validated my work and enthusiasm. She is bold, and she slid down a bit, and as I rubbed her left foot on my chest, she slowly lowered her right sexy feet stories sole to rest on the side of my left cheek.

I hope my feet don't smell too bad, she teased. No they're fine I said.

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You sure, she laughed and gently placed her long thin right foot sole flush on my face, my nose burried in her sole! I took a deep whiff, and she giggled like a little girl, loving it, that tickled, she said. I took a deeper smell as she left her foot there to rest on my face while I still rubbed the other one.

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It had a light fishy tangy smell, not overpowering but enough to tingle my face and equipment. Tangy I said, nice and sexy. Smell my foot foot boy! Smell it she ordered. She then really drove me crazy- hitting all my buttons- you should smell my feet, and worship my feet, I am much richer than you and way more successful!

She knew this would work on me!!!! What is my wife telling her- this is crazy!!! Keep smelling my foot, smell foot boy, smell! Her foot got tangier as I smelled it. Now smell this one- and it was a little stronger and a little sweatier than the other.

I was in a dream like state, I didn't even realize that I knocked my beer over and on to the ground.

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Don't cry over spilled beer, she said, why don't you taste my foot! Oh my god, my wife's friend is letting me do everything with her feet! I wonder if my wife is in on this? Lick foot boy lick, lick the feet of your superior! I licked her salty tangy soles, and her heel was a little rough and bitter, but her toes melted in my mouth, they wiggled and pressed on my tongue. Lick them all clean foot boy, I was licking my wife's friends feet, I kept saying it to myself over and over. I did her other foot, which also was dirty at her heel, but she made me lick it extra, and harder.

I was being humiliated sexy feet stories pleasured all at the same time. This bud's for you now, and she poured some of her beer on her sexy bare feet! Is this fantasy time or what!!! It was real, and it was happening to me, I know my wife has to be involved with this, this is too much!!

I was licking cold beer off a sexy lady doctors toes!!! God, her feet tasted great, and I told her thanking her, and sucking and licking her teasing dominant toes. They do taste and smell so good, I repeated!!! She shoved her right bare foot deep into my mouth, I gasped and choked, and took it.

It may taste great, she said, but is it less filling? She laughed, but I couldn't talk, her foot left me speachless in Connecticut!!! Thanks for the nice comment. She is very pretty and sexy, and her feet are hot! I later found out that my wife was in fact in on this. It may seem a little over the top, but they had this planned! My wife, as fun as she is, put her up to it, she is her good friend. The funny thing is my wife wouldn't put up with this kind of stuff, but in this case she did give the OK, and I am real glad she did.

She wanted her friend to make me as uncomfortable as possible, and it worked, and we both had fun too! Good story. You're very lucky, she has great feet. Amazing story, is this it? Thank you for the nice replies. That was it, to that extent unfortunately. We still see her and her husband maybe twice to three times a year. Nothing like that ever happened again. She will tease me with her feet though, dangle a shoe on her toes, let the shoe fall, face her bare soles at me, play footsie sexy feet stories my legs, so there is some flirty fun foot teasing and play, but nothing like that one great experience!

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Thanks for the nice reply, I am glad you enjoyed it, I know I did! But I kind of like it, the girls all know they have power over you with their feet and it also turns sort of into a competition, the girls want to know who's feet the foot boy likes the most. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. OK. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

Sexy feet stories

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