Succubus prison save file

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File Size: MB. Will Tate be able to escape the succubus manor? I was only able to come across one while playing… here is the image below:.

Once the scene is finished and you wake up from your bed. That error message will continue for the rest of the game unless you do Step 2.

The error message should disappear after that. If it happens again in later scene, just repeat steps again. What I usually do in these kind of errors is copying a similar file same extension into the same folder and rename it to the missing one. They are present, it just keeps bugging out until retry is pressed for some bizarre reason. I might have found a fix. Hope this helps. Thank you for posting this notice.

I will be sure to keep this in mind when I start on this gem of a game. Anyone willing to post full save with all scenes? Finding it difficult to find some with the machine translation. Link up for a week on wetransfer. No idea if any of them are tied to the gallery but it might work. Save is just before escaping the mansion.

This game seem actually well made! I wonder if there might be a Japanese version for it? Does anyone know how to fix the issue with being unable to read all the text as it goes outside of the box?

One from the black hair girl, the school girl, and the scientist. I got all of the reversal scenes as well as all the ones that have parts 1, 2, 3, etc. Has anyone been able to unlock those 3 scenes? Can you guys give a walkthrough as it sounds like you got farther? I posted a complete walkthrough down below. Scientist should be temptation magic as I have all of her scenes. How do you get farther than the magic tool? Thanks for the answers.

The guy talking about the release spell might be ahead of us. If anyone else is stuck on the key, I got it mainly by visiting Satomi as often as possible to get the tools prompt to appear. Quick tip, you can tell if you have the reverse scene because they have heart eyes. For the scientist Levi, she only has a heart left eye as she has some protection against it.

Where did you learn about the release spell etc? I escaped, wonder why I evaded capture, do you max out Levi? I was … What were you doing …? I think that you just go straight to Levi after Satomi drains you twice in a succubus prison save file. That 1st scene in the game for Levi actually appears as the 2nd one when you go to her gallery, which I already have.

The very 1st one in the gallery itself is still blank. Not for me, the 1st scene is in the upper left. She has 3 normal scenes which are in order for me, and the 4th is the reverse scene. In her 1st scene she has her eyes shuttered and looking into the bottom right corner not looking straight ahead like 3rd scene. Seems like Nanami also has some protection, which is appropriate to her reaction. Both Nanami and Levi only get one heart eye. Nanami is one of the succubi who le you to search for the tool in the first place.

Which succubi has the key to the next part after you find the barrier circle in the mural room though? I randomly went back in at one point and it allowed me to exit the mansion. Did someone say they had unlocked the top left scene for the scientist?

Scratch that. The first scientist scene is the first time you meet her. You need to finish the playthrough until you escape or die for that times new scenes to be unlocked. Just experiencing them doesnt do it. I tried replaying after escaping and nothing changed. Maybe Momo too. Maybe not necessary, but read the instructions in the bottom right too. Then exit, go to your room, exit and use the tool on Nanami or Levi. Levi is your best bet. Playthrough 2: Maybe not necessary, but check out the mural and get bounced off the exit once each.

Use the tool on Satomi asap, it can be done by around day 3. Open up the mural and check out the symbol. Go out the front door. I escaped on day 3. To unlock all of the scenes just max out each succubus, use the tool on them, and then interact with them once more after that to get their final scene which the tool interrupts.

For every succubus you have all the scenes unlocked, succubus prison save file can make them cycle by going to gallery and clicking the left button. Satomi is the only one to have a middle button in the gallery. Mirror Links. Support Developer. Click to rate this post! Onee-chan no Wasuremono o Todoke ni Kita Hazu nanoni….

Notify of. Overall Rating. Most Voted Newest Oldest. Inline Feedbacks. Step 2 — Press ESC on your keyboard and save your game. Step 3 — Exit the game Step 4 — Open up the program again and load your save file. Reply to Hemdom 3 months ago. Reply to thr00away 3 months ago. Reply to dkh 3 months ago. Reply to Fargus 3 months ago. Reply to Dude 3 months ago. Reply to oog 3 months ago. I figured out how to have all the scenes unlocked in the menu: I ed my common. I also backed up my non-edited common file, just in case something broke.

Just put the edited common file into the save folder, and everything should work.

Reply to sippidge 3 months ago. Reply to Crayzee 2 months ago. I want to play this so bad but I just started on MGE.

Succubus prison save file

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