Teen sexting sites

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If someone is trying to pressure you to send a sext message. You need to tell someone. Preferably a trusted adult, they will be able to get you in contact with the right people to handle the situation. NO ONE has the right to pressure you to do something you are not comfortable with. When it comes to your body, you are the one who is in charge.

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Never let anyone make you feel like you have to put yourself on display to prove how you feel about them. If they really care they will respect you and your decisions. Check out more info in Consent. Sexting can seem like no big deal right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

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Sexting can have some pretty harsh consequences too. Before hitting send, remember that you cannot control where this image may travel. What you send to a partner could end up with their friends, online or in the hands of a sexual predator. Once that picture is out there, there is no getting it back. Emotional consequences are rarely thought of in the moment. But what happens after you break up?

What about if they sent the images to everyone on their social media and your teachers or parents found out? We need to keep all of this in mind before we send any explicit picture. Employers are looking for good, professional candidates to fill the positions in their company.

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If you have nude images or pics of alcohol and drug use, you are not going to be very high on their list to hire. If anyone involved is under the age of 18, this is officially considered child pornography. Legal consequences can vary depending on where you live. Think about the consequences of taking, sending or sharing a sexual picture of yourself or someone else underage.

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You could get kicked off of sports teams, lose educational opportunities and even go to jail. Remember schools can punish students for sexting even if the students are not breaking the law and if all students involved are legal adults. If sexting le to anything that disrupts school day such as bullying or bad behavior the schools can and probably will get involved.

Report any unwanted sexual messages you receive to a trusted adult; this could be a parent, teacher, coach or any adult you trust with sensitive information. In Crisis? Call Now.

Teen sexting sites

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Dangerous Sexting Sites That Parents Should Know