Trials in tainted space erra

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If you ever turn it down when she offers it, I think she stops doing it, though. Hey man, nobody complains about prolapsed anuses as a result of massive insertions or ruptured intestines.

Um…on uveto when you take the scavicite idol, is it suppose to not show up in your inventory or key items? Or is that a bug of some sort? And I think I spelled scavicite wrong. But this preloader doesnt do anything, and the downloaded version doesnt seem to work for me either. Hey Fen, are there plans on the table for another planet, or is the current focus on character development? Do you just try to do both? I would prefer character development personally.

I always did like seeing Kaede on the other planets, made it feel like she was doing her own thing, unlike the others. Can we expect more starting races at some point? Creating something like that would be prohibitively resource intensive, requiring three different handmade drawings for each character. That said, the are quite a few characters that are more… realistically sized that appear larger than they are due to the artist that drew the bust. Turning off busts entirely can solve that, allowing you to imagine NPCs however you want. People who write for the game write what they like.

I like fit girls and big tits, so I wrote a gym full of cowgirls. You want girls with modest figures, write some and see if they make it in, instead of asking for the game to change to fit you. So how do you get the last talking point and collar option to unlock?

Just about fucked Erra like 20 times after the 1st talk options unlocked and nothing. Doing that will lead you on to the rest of it pretty straight forward. My exhibition is pretty low, I initially just thought walkies was like an optional scene. This is the first time this has happened for me. What was your solution? A few builds ago there was a new scene with Syri for players who were liberal with Omega Oil, how do I trigger it?

Or am I just missing something? Just use omega oil until you have the fuck fever status. I downloaded it but when i open the client it just stays white and never goes to the TiTs Main Menu its just a white screen. Anyone have any suggestions on fixing this?

Or am i the only one? More information would be nice. Are just opening it in a browser, if so which one?

Is it an ARM or x86 apk? Or is it iOS? It is a regular Swf all ready tryed re downloading it and it wont open in google chrome. First Time this happened to me. If neither of those works I would recommend using a stand alone flash player instead and just moving your saves over. You could always have registry errors as well, which can screw up all manner of things. Thanks I tryed clearing my cache and that worked :D!

Also I have no idea what is a stand alone flash player is. But thanks for the help!

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Trials in tainted space erra

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