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I would love to see! I'm just saying. I would not complain. Like, at all. Because your best relationship in your life should be with yourself. In fact, your longest relationship is with yourself. Show your self some love! Fall in love with yourself. Dating yourself can help you become more confident and secure with yourself. It can help us know our worth. Find something you are passionate about and hone in on it! This is your chance to do and try new things until you find something you like and even when you find something you like, keep trying things.

Go back and do things you used to do and see if you still like it. Try painting, photography, yoga, reading, guitar, knitting This is your time to do it by yourself. Go take that class by yourself, go see the world by yourself, go shopping by yourself, take yourself to that new restaurant.

In more ways than one, you should get to know yourself. My favorite way to do this is to answer those question prompts from pinterest.

They can help you find your passions, your limits, your dreams, your desires. Find your limits and boundaries. Also, Masturbation, ladies. Know how to make yourself feel good. Try meditating, journaling, yoga, vision boarding. Learn what your body likes and dislikes. Do your makeup a new way. And then do it again. Get a massage or facial. Or DIY it. Do a photoshoot. Find your angles. Do breath work. Therapy can do wonders for your life.

Take yourself on a picnic. Pack a cute basket of your favorite snacks and foods. Grab a tumblr beautiful girlfriends of wine and a blanket and sit with yourself in the park. Watch a movie. Years ago, I used to buy matinee tickets, buy popcorn and watch movies at the theater by myself and it was wonderful. You can do the same at home. Go to a restaurant. I know the allure of take out will be hard to resist but do it!

Dress up in your finest outfit. Make your makeup and hair killer. Order something new. Savor your food. Take yourself to the store. Take your time, look around. Take pictures of everything. Imagine yourself buying something. Actually buy it, if you tumblr beautiful girlfriends. Take note of all the things you want in that store.

Hear me out here. Make a date out of de-cluttering and organizing. Turn on your favorite playlist or tv show or podcast. Sing at the top of your lungs. Make a fashion show out of it. Make your house cozy and smell good. Let it become a place you enjoy being in. I am captivating, inspiring, glamorous and sophisticated. My life is abundant, I attract everything I want and desire. Understand the more intuitively involved you are in your own life, the more your external world will begin to reflect what you hold internally from your heart and mind.

Avoid being around people who make you forget about your responsibilities. Your responsibilities are owed to your future self. Attribute people, places and things to the life you want to cultivate. Find yourself involved in these specific areas. Understand your more than capable for the position you ultimately want and will hold.

The Earlier you start the better. Simply starting is the biggest step, seeing your way through becomes a lifestyle, while an irresistible lifestyle awaits. Giving up on your Goals is not an option. I want to direct. Those would be huge challenges, which to be honest, I might not pull off. I also think directing is a privilege and not a right. And I need to put pen to paper and see if it looks ridiculous or not.

NA not on my watch it's unrealistic.

Tumblr beautiful girlfriends

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