Tumblr flat chest

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An NPC I introduced recently to my DnD campaign, "Lavendeire," who is a wandering bard who plays a violin and is very interested in the party of heroes. Because of her French accent, everyone is suspicious that she is "Meme the Mimic" who is a French-accented mimic from earlier in the campaign who was terrifyingly evil.

However, for what she is currently, she is a very high energy adorkable Bard! Humans in Lucidia are cybernetic, since at birth they're given an implant that modifies their circulatory system to allow their body to be a magical conduit.

Basically, humans can't naturally attune to the planet's magic, and need cyber-help to do so. So, their vein structure is replaced by a bio-organic circuitry system and their eyes go black from their white blood cells ceasing to exist. Pretty sure that's how eyes work. It's probably not. Aside from Lament, I've decided to sell off each and every one of them to help pay bills and reduce my huge of OCs. Sicklewing was the absolute least developed of all of them. So I doubled down and then tripled down. She fucking loves knives.

Don't come at her she'll fucking cut you.

Tumblr flat chest

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