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Originally posted by iamlarien. Request: Professor Reid x reader smut request? You could either be like the reasonable students and the class because you are genuinely interested in the material, or you could be like the rest of us. That is, you could enroll in the class because the professor is a fine piece of ass fresh out of prison.

I got the sense he had a hard time keeping just about anything a secret with his nasty habit of oversharing. That was fine with me, though. I quite liked having the ammunition. I was in this shit. His voice had already sent half the girls in the class into a trance, but I was trying to focus on the content. I could feel it coming in my bones.

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He cut himself off when he noticed the speed with which I raised my hand with a saccharine smile on my face. The expression he returned told me he knew he was in dangerous territory. Nonetheless, he called on me. He seemed intrigued, and also very concerned about the fact that I was still talking. I think he knew where I was going with this. He smiled, the kind that dimpled his cheeks as it showed just how hard he was trying not to say something. There was something about the way I felt when I talked to him. It was like the rest of the class disappeared, the tension between the two of us transporting us to another reality.

Other times, it felt like the two of us were starring in a movie, and tumblr sex teacher were the audience watching our every move with rapt attention. My eyes immediately flittered down to his crotch with the movement, and when I returned my gaze to his eyes, I saw him smirking with raised eyebrows.

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Part of me wanted him to. It would make the next question more… interesting. The second the question left my mouth, I could see the darkness shroud the playful glint in his eyes. Trying to hide that devilish look on his face, he cleared his throat. The students around me were beginning to whisper, which only urged me on. His hands were moving in his pockets, but his eyes were dead set on me.

You must have been one more than the other. Once his hand left his pants, I realized that I had really gotten to him. He ran a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath as he tried to remind himself that he was in a classroom filled with young adults. Myself included. Still, I noticed his eyes lingering on me every couple of minutes. Each time the masses turned their attention to their notes not including the auditshis gaze would burn into me. The last time he did it, right before class ended, I tumblr sex teacher to look up and catch him in the act.

Somewhat surprisingly, he looked away. His hands nervously fidgeted with something in his pocket and his jaw clenching. His chest heaving with angry breath. Did I do that to him? I wondered. He answered that question, which I had thought was safely hidden in my mind, with ease after dismissing the class. I had hung around a few minutes like I always did, collecting my things and trying to decide whether I wanted to go pester the man for a while longer before heading to my next class when I heard it.

My name almost felt foreign on his lips when he said it like that. I shot a shocked glance down the sloped room at him on the stage, blinking rapidly as if to ask him to repeat himself. Instead, he raised his hand and curled a finger to beckon me closer. Butterflies erupted in my stomach, my thighs clenching shut as I tried to remind my lungs to take in air. Now it was tumblr sex teacher turn to swallow hard, clearing my throat and running a hand over my hair before I took a single step.

He was watching me, his satisfaction in my anxiety growing more obvious. There was an undercurrent of rage that threatened to swallow me whole as I approached him. The bugs creeping in my stomach were overwhelming, creating a chain reaction of goosebumps over my skin and a lump in my throat. Alone with Professor Reid?

In his office?

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Some small part of me screamed to ask him why. But the rest of me begged me not to— if it was an unsatisfactory response, I wanted to have the opportunity to convince him otherwise. The walk to his office felt so long despite only being a couple of minutes. It was painfully quiet, my eyes following the way his fingers would tighten and loosen on the books in his hand.

He avoided looking at me until he swung the heavy oak door open, staring at me with an angry yet intrigued look. It was a look meant to usher me inside. Once I heard the soft click of the latch in the door, I expected to turn to find his unbridled rage. Spencer Reid was still just as silent, his gaze just as shifty and eerie as it had been in class. It was strangely neat compared to that of other professors. Just books. I chewed on my tumblr sex teacher for a minute as I placed my hands behind me on the desk, meeting his eyes in a rather challenging fashion.

I nodded in response, a small simper gracing my lips when he brought a hand to stroke his chin. Instead, he was displaying the characteristic s of restraint. It was at this point that I decided to take a chance. Truthfully, it was ill-advised. He had never done anything beyond this moment to suggest that he would be open to being propositioned by a student, much less. But something about the way he was acting right now, practically backing me against his desk with his body and those damned darkened amber colored eyes, made me want to take that chance. So I took one step forward, closing nearly all of the tumblr sex teacher between us and raising my hands in a false sense of compliance.

Lowering my arms, I pressed both of my hands flat against his button down shirt and smoothed the fabric under my palms as I pushed them under his jacket.

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Although he brought one hand up to wrap entirely around my wrist, he made no attempt to move it. The action alone caused me to pause, but freezing in this position almost seemed more intimate. I wondered why that was. With one swift, strong hand to my chest, he pushed me away from him.

My thighs hit against the wooden desk with enough force to send a shock through my entire body. Wiping his face once more, he gave my body a quick glance, committing the details to his faultless memory. After he refused to accept the answer, I rolled my eyes.

The breath that escaped him was much too heavy, much too guilty for me to let it rest. With it, he had already turned to walk away from me, retreating to the other side of the desk I rested against. Noticing me following close enough to be his shadow, he refused to sit. Probably a smart move. Turning back to me while he waited for my answer, tumblr sex teacher bodies nearly collided in the narrow space between the shelves and furniture.

I kept my hands off him this time, keeping them clasped behind my back. There was nothing for them to fiddle with that would stop them from landing where they wanted to go. His hand finally made its way to my cheek, roughly cupping it and turning my face more towards him. My cheeks were flaming hot from the rush of blood, my pupils nearly as wide as his in the reflection of his eyes.

The words almost got me what I wanted. But I could still see the hesitance in his body language. Deciding to step it up another notch, Tumblr sex teacher slowly opened my mouth to him, closing my lips and wrapping my tongue around his thumb. Unable to keep his eyes open without giving himself away, he closed them, muttering a rough string of what I expect were curses in another language. His other hand was clenched against the desk, his knuckles white under the pressure. Finally revealing my hands from behind my back, I wrapped them around his hand as I gently removed his thumb from my lips.

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He seemed to mull it over, to run the chances and odds of every possible reaction in his mind. I just smirked, noticing the way he refused to identify himself as the one I wanted to put me in my place. With tumblr sex teacher the strength I knew him capable of, and none of the caution remaining, he grabbed my arms and spun me around so I was facing away from him.

I could feel the pride rolling off him in waves behind me. My heart was pounding so harshly against the bones of my chest that I felt tumblr sex teacher might knock me back off the desk. I bit down on my tongue to try to hide my excitement, relishing the ease with which he had pinned me down. Removing one of his hands but leaving the other firmly in place, I heard the rustling of clothes behind me. I accepted the relative silence, letting my anticipation build to see just where he was planning on taking this.

Immediately, my legs clenched together at the pet name, my breath catching in my throat as my body squirmed under his grip. Loving the way people call you my pet. And here I had thought he was purposefully ignorant.

But no, he had very much been paying attention. The only sound I was capable of producing was a breathy giggle, my hips swaying as I rocked back and forth in a desperate cry for friction. When it did come, it was his body pressed against mine while he leaned over to see my face pressed against his things. I responded with a bat of my widest doe eyes and a smile. He accepted them both with some small breath of relief as his nerves flickered in the space between us. But as quickly as it came, it was gone.

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Grinding my jaw against the desk in the limited space, I maintained eye contact the entire time he took to shove the deep maroon fabric between my teeth. The next sound I heard was the distinct commotion of clutter in a drawer. He drew the wooden ruler out of the drawer and held it within my line of sight, dangling it limply between two fingers.

He could tell they were all good sounds even without any excess articulation. Releasing my arms, he used both his hands for much more exciting maneuvers. Starting at the back of my thighs, he ran his hands under my skirt and over my bottom, pushing the fabric up to reveal the tiny strip of fabric that made up my lacy thong.

Tumblr sex teacher

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