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Child pornography is not allowed here. You need help, sick bastard. No, the 'pawstika' seen around the site is the adopted symbol of the Aurorafurries, the group who created this site. UChan is not based on any political or moral basis. Our staff all have their own perspective of these types of things. Besides the focus on images, image boards are very well known for their use of anonymity when posting. You do not have to up or register.

Instead, you simply post with whatever u18chan comic you choose. You can use tripcodes to help identify yourself if you wish. Currently, there is nowhere to up on UChan, u18chan comic all features may be used by guests and returning visitors alike. If the post was made on an inappropriate board, a staff member has most likely moved it to a more appropriate one. If something does not fit an existing category, please double check the image posting guidelines to be sure.

If something still does not fit an existing category, please double check the image posting guidelines as the sections with "anything that isn't covered by another board" should really answer your question. No, but this is an understandable mistake. Please review our image posting guidelines. No, you are stupid. We have not bothered to do this, since we would then have lesbians and gays on the same board even though they do not appeal to each other, and we'd have to move a lot of stuff around.

We also fear change. No, not if you don't want everyone to hate you forever. If you have a lot of this theme of image, post it in the most appropriate board and ask people to in. Do not make the same request on multiple boards. This is for organizational purposes.

You've got to be kidding me. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. If you are genuinely interested in this site's history, or want to know what part we may have had in an event, either make a thread asking on Lounge, send us anor come and have a friendly chat u18chan comic here. The United Kingdom laws, and hence our rules, are targeted at depictions of animals engaging in sexual acts with humans. Although Furries some more than others have animal characteristics, they are fictional. Ferals engaging with furries is a gray area that we allow to pe posted only in the basement Feral board.

But absolutely no beastiality nor any drawings of human with ferals will be tolerated and will result in a ban. It is against the law, not the rules. Our server is hosted in the United Kingdom, so we will abide by the laws there. UChan has no official stand on this subject. The opinions of individual staff members does not reflect on this website. Also, YOU are stupid.

Yes but do not post it outside of the Cub board. Regardless of whatever you think or have heard, we here at UChan describe cub as furries with the visual age of babies or toddlers. Staff members will use their own judgment if material if this nature is in question. If something is not allowed on UChan, it will be stated in the rules.

If anyone tells you otherwise then they are a filthy liar, or mentally impaired. If it is the latter, please be nice to them. Retards have feelings too. All image boards are equipped with the ability to use what are called 'trip codes'. If you place a " " character after your name, followed by any combination of characters you can remember, just like a password, then when you post a series of characters generated by the board software in a u18chan comic different font. The same set of characters will appear every time you use your trip code on any image board. This is the most common way of identifying that you are the same person.

You can also use a 'secure tripcode' by using two " " symbols instead of one. A secure tripcode will generate a different set of characters for each board you use on each site. First, try not being so vague next time. Secondly, no.

This is called critiquing. If you want, you could comment on their post, causing a conversation. I know, it sounds crazy, but trust me. They are not a hypocrite for expressing their negative opinion. However attacking other users because of their opinion could be flagged as flaming and result in a ban. No, thre on UChan do nottherefore bumping of thre is not necessary, in fact, any "bump" posts are against the rules.

The old old site was on ImageBoard4Free until it went offline one day. We eventually purchased our own server and ran the site off of Kusaba X. Eventually, the poorly coded software overloaded the server, so we came into contact with the ImageBoard4Free creator and got the course code he wrote for his site. We then transferred our Kusaba X database onto the ImageBaord4Free software, which is far more stable. Then a the server farm we had our server colo'd in had some kind of power fault that fried all our drives so we had to start over from some really old backups.

So long as the image or images are related to the boards they are posted on, and u18chan comic are left up for everyone to share, go ahead. When someone posts using a proxy and we find out, we ban that proxy as per the rules. We will also put this text on a proxy post so people know.

This is useful for preventing ban evasion, trolling, and samefagging. The following are shown as buttons next to posts on the same line as the subject and post name:. If you have any further questions or comments, or just want to thank us, you can send an to [ protected].

All content posted is responsibility of its respective poster u18chan comic neither the site nor its staff shall be held responsible or liable in any way shape or form. Please be aware that this kind of fetish artwork is NOT copyrightable in the hosting country and there for its copyright may not be upheld. Styles: Dark Sky - Home Manage. Fap Mode. Issues have been resolved and posting should be working again.

If any other issues come up, let staff know and we can look into it.

The site currently experiences issues. There is an error that is causing posting to fail. We are working on trying to remedy the issue. Staff will let you know when the issue get resolved. This outage is expected to span more u18chan comic a few hours. NordVPN has been blocked due to a user using it to spam the site. Keep in mind that the use of proxies and VPNs are against the site's rules. If you use one due to it being blocked in your country, you can use the Tor browser. The link: furrypornkaek.

We are working on another solution for those who don't want to use Tor. We will let you know when that becomes available. This work has been completed! We apologize for the outage this week, we had some hardware failure in our datacenter which has been resolved. In light of recent events I thought it would be worth stating that here at UChan we do not condone Nazi ideology nor is our goal to spread the hatred and prejudice associated. As stated in our FAQ section the 'pawstika' seen around the site is the adopted symbol of the Aurorafurries, the group who created this site. The UChan community came from an older community of the Aurorafurries which came from AuroraChan in From here all current UChan administrators met.

Although AuroraChan was the base of operations for the Aurorafurries the limitation of a single board and frequent deletions of collections led to the need for a separate website. Jay, the owner of UChan, ed Filthy in creating the new Chan. With multiple boards for furries compared to AuroraChan's one, users had slowly been moving across to FilthySlothChan so Jay suggested to Filthy that they approach Serpentor about making FilthySlothChan the new new official home of the Aurorafurries. When the site became the home of the Aurorafurries it was called UChan, as a joke about submarines because the site was hiding from 4Chan retaliative attacks.

Over time with growing popularity and a dedicated site on IB4F UChan acquired its own domain which it still uses today. Unfortunately, with many other chans on IB4F dodging DDoS attacks and others hosting such dubious content as to warrant police attention, IB4F went down first on Tuesday 7th July after Bunkerchan brought the site offline for two days then legal u18chan comic took it offline for months. Performance issues caused by a high volume of traffic moved UChan to a dedicated machine but with problems persisting and the u18chan comic reaching the point of crashing permanently Jay contacted Infinitus, who had helped ly, who gave Jay the IB4F software.

I have updated the site FAQ to better reflect current rules. I have also created the first draft of the UChan User Guide that will help inform what posts belongs where. We apologize for any inconvenience and will work to complete this as quickly as possible. Hello everyone! During this time u18chan comic site will be unavailable for short a period of time. Hello fellow furs, we are back online! What happened?!? Unfortunately due to a "power surge" at our old datacenter our whole server was killed drives and all.

I attempted for weeks to work with the company to recover our data off those disks however, they were no help and claimed they were unable to insert the hard drives into another machine so I could rip the data off them. While it is my personal belief that the company is covering up for a screw up on their side we have no way to prove that. What about all the content? I would like to ask all of you to help us with this huge task of restoring our content. We know this will be a long process but I believe we can do it with some help.

How will this be prevented in the future? We have moved to a new datacenter on hardware we own instead of renting. This way we have full say and control over the server and the drives in it.

We are also implementing a 3rd party cloud storage service to be used for offsite backups of our content. Thank you all for u18chan comic patients and assistance with rebuilding content. Can I post my CP here? Is this board run by Nazis? Where do I go to up? What are the 'features' of the site that I keep hearing about? I posted [content] on [board] yesterday, but now it's gone!

What happened? I have some images I want to share that do not fit any of the existingwhere can it go? I want to post some lesbian yiff, so that would go in Gay Furries, right? Well that is stupid. I want to know if anyone has some pics of a specific theme, should I just make an identical request on all boards?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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