V route walkthrough

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Spencer Willem Willem V. Please be patient with the Mystic Messenger walkthroughs. Always feel free to contribute and help along the way! Keep a healthy distance from Saeran. Trying to be too understanding or kind towards him v route walkthrough influence a different ending. This means you need to be kind enough in light of his condition; however, do not get too involved.

Innocence is key. See a specific character trying to break the 4th wall? Ignore it and continue on as if it were real because Mistake Messenger is real, lol. Do not make this specific character anxious of you. Things will change around Day 4 where you can be a little more wary, just don't overdo it. Game Branch: A specific character will [want to] influence you with a drug - please hesitate in doing so. Do not give in and take the drug. You have to be nice and understanding to Rika. Don't give in to her but also don't try to paint her as the villain and blame everything on her.

Don't pry into RFA's secrets like Ray wanted you to. Or try to turn RFA against V. So just in case, please get as many guests as possible I'm also updating the s walkthrough while I'm playing with the new ones. Hi, blondie AI! How are you? Yoosung, right? For days. She's a bad person! I know that she's a good person. I'm usually up early in the morning. So this character called Jaehee Kang is set to work until late You mean you work until this hour? I can see the polar star out the window! I promised I won't tell.

A sparrow!! Chirp no hearts Good morning! I wanna get some sparrows. I wanna get u too. My phone is emitting sunshine all of a v route walkthrough

Good morning. Welcome, Jumin! I wanna be alone It's a secret I only eat twice per day. Three regular meals each day! That's my motto! I''m the zealous believer in butter, chocolate, flour, and soft drink.

I can eat up to 6 meals per day. Why would you eat a lunch box from the convenience store? T-T You should really eat better He's continuing the charity association founded by his lover Do you think she truly loved V? Don't you think a third-party's evaluation is really meaningless? V lost he's precious lover. He'll be going through a hard time as well.

You shouldn't be so harsh on him. What secrets? Even if there really is a secret, he wouldn't do anything that can harm the RFA, would he? They're lovers, you know? How about a cup of tea? Yes, I live alone. Receive a call from Yoosung Receive a text from Jaehee: I think it's a bit lonely to eat alone. Hello - It's a pleasure to meet you. What is the musical about? I'm sure a better role awaits you in the v route walkthrough Receive a call from Ray Receive a text from Zen: An actor with a statuesque look [Zen] An okay looking actor with exception talent Accidentally clicked too fast, didn't get exact wording.

Right now I'm seeing a cloudy sky. Are you pondering on the purpose of life or something? I think that'd be a great help. Will I do a good job for her role? It's so sad that she's no longer here. You, no hearts ex-boyfriend no hearts An ant? None of my business. Meow [] hehe He's so nice and persistent! That's sad. I think he wants to play Yes or No. Don't you agree? Lol [] Good luck ! The defender of peace! I don't plan to. I'll cosplay the members of RFA. I think I've found a buddy. Are you organizing what you found about me ever since I ed the RFA?

It's kind of tricky to perfectly tell apart different tasks and occupations, you know? Cruel is the reality But if you do your best, I'm sure you'll find happiness someday! Lol But that's the only thing I was told about too I'm not sure what more should I tell you.

Must've been shaped with great care. But why is this place off-limits to outsiders? Seems like an ordinary chat room to me lol no hearts I understand you, Jaehee It's just that I have a whole lot to learn! How come? I'm being exploited? I'll be waiting! I'm just here to have fun with you all! This initial setting is a bit tricky. But that'll make the progress of the relationship more rewarding I hope you'd start to trust me more!

Lol Jaehee, I believe we'll be able to trust each other soon.

Good luck wrapping up your work! You gotta make yourself an international treasure!

You do make sure your facial pores are open before you move on to the cleansing part, right? Jumin Han, MC you. Good night.

V route walkthrough

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Mystic Messenger: how to get on V’s route walkthrough – Prologue, Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Another Story mode)