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Forgot your password? They want a mix of genres, recommendations for any reader and even ones for beginners in particular.

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Keep that in mind going in. Nice, will do it in the morning because filling out the survey on my tablet would be a torture. I encourage everyone that cares enough to participate in this to include an OELVN or two or ten in their recommendations, let's give our fledgling industry some love.

I find recommendation charts pretty useless because they only take into the tastes of the recommender and not the recommendee. I also notice these are only for VNs with an english translation, so what's this "beginner level VN" business?

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Entry level english use or "mild to no perviness" involved? Also, only those that check out Reddit every day might be interested in what will be pinned for years possibly as recommendations at the central point of the western VN community. Visualnovel reddit NowItsAngeTime for bringing this to our attention and striving to make different communities communicate better. Just speaking the truth. How come FuwaNovel never made their own even when they were much bigger back in the day when they allowed hosted downlo??? How did we even get here? We have a full subforums of recommendations, it's not like a chart is the only format available.

And it's not to critisize anyone, I'm just not sure why the whole discussion went in this absurd direction. Eh, community recommendation charts are just there for communities to congratulate and jerk each other over their favourite games. They are of questionable use to people needing recommendations. Why is Kanon one of the "least" newbie friendly entries? Kanon was actually one of the first visual novels I read and I had no trouble with it.

Also why would Fate Stay Night be a "newbie" selection? Isn't the route structure one of the more complex examples in the visual novel fandom? Would newbies know that Fate will be different yet similar to Unlimited Blade Works? Why is Hakuouki, an accessible game that was also released on the handheld, considered less newbie friendly than Second Reproduction which is a game that needs to be patched?

Why is Utawarerumono considered newbie friendly when every time you save with modern operating systems it visualnovel reddit Then you need to do some funkie things to get the game working. Would newbies enjoy that extra dollop of frustration? Tsukihime is considered more newbie friendly than Kanon?

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Oh, and more newbie friendly than Ef, good to know A few years ago when I wanted to give my sister an entry level VN to try she's not a VN reader I went for Hakuouki and it quickly became one of her favourite games. It was even the theme on her PS3. First, we collected nominations for each genre. Then we put the list of nominations to the vote with the 5 most voted for VNs in each genre making it onto the chart unless that VN had gotten more votes in another genre.

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Some of those genres ended up having a pretty small selection of nominations. Once we'd taken out VNs already allocated to more popular genres, some less popular genres barely had enough nominated VNs to fill the chart. Those with a higher average newbie rating were placed to the left of the chart. Some of the less popular VNs otome and yaoi stuff in particular didn't even get any votes. So me and insanityy just set their ratings to whatever we thought best.

Well, nice opportunity to create a redditI guess. I think it's a measure of preventing spamvotes without IP blocking? Considering it's made in google forms and not through any kind of semi- professional survey tool visualnovel reddit would guarantee a good quality of. You can post now and register later.

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If you have anin now to post with your. Paste visualnovel reddit plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Existing user? Feel free to vote as long as you have a reddit Facebook Twitter. Feel free to vote as long as you have a reddit.

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted June 7, edited. Also make sure to just vote with the vndb ID e. Link to post Share on other sites. Posted June 7, Inorin Posted June 7, Already voted on the first day. I kind of left out a few sections though. Edited June 7, by wei Palas Posted June 7, Time to get EVNs on the main stage. Darklord Rooke Posted June 8, Posted June 8, Looking up VNDB s for each title is too much of a pain.

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I gave up. Yuuko Posted June 8, Why post reddit stuff on Fuwo if you need reddit to vote. Palas Posted June 8, I don't see FuwaNovel ever being visualnovel reddit enough to make their own rec chart. Zalor and Zander Like Loading Zander Posted June 8, Posted June 8, edited. Just now, Zander said:. Zander Thanks Loading Calm down man, drink a glass of water or something. Making a cup of tea as we speak type BunnyAdvocate Posted June 9, Posted June 9, Dreamysyu Posted June 9, Narcosis Posted June 9, Zalor Like Loading Posted June 9, edited.

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