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Go to. First Prev 48 of 63 Go to. Game Developer. Sep 16, 2, 9, DA22 said:. Have some fun days even if it will be an extraordinary X-mas with way less gatherings, we might as well make it a good one and focus it on those few people that really mean the most to us. Reactions: c3p0 and DA Ayhsel Chocolate Vampire Donor. May 9, 3, 10, ASLPro3D said:. Thanks for the reply AyhselI kind of expected someone to touch on Claire's situation and even posted a messaged in our private Work Discord section that wicked choices patreon were going to touch on Claire and her relationship with the Antichrist With Claire, I've always seen her as a bit hedonistic when it comes to her love life I intend to get deeper into Claire and her "True Love" options once I've finished with Emi's options for players, but I can say that Claire's "True Love" options really isn't Antichrist Players will still get to choose if she wants to forego "True Love" and pursue a relationship with her Uncle the Antichrist Also, who is to say that Claire's "True Love" isn't an individual that will allow her to have an "open" relationship?

Last edited: Dec 21, Ayhsel said:. Oh I see. Pity though. First, I tend to absolutely hate harem settings that made absolutely no sense except as fan service, where unrealistic characters accept total bullshit conditions. But this one a setting in which harem seem plausible and even made sense from Antichrist AND characters point of view. Second, again, in my mind the game was divided as wicked choices patreon much: going angel, Lynara, going demon, Syrina, going human, Claire, going harem, somehow getting all 3 plus potentially others.

On another topic, any news about steam release of book 1? Reactions: c3p0DA22 and Ayhsel. Yeah, I am not really a big fan of Harem endings I have my hands full with just one wife I can't imagine the insanity that one has to have to add more into the mix!! Trying to please one is more than enough for me!! Well, a side one wouldn't be bad You aren't far off in your thinking of how the game is kind of divided, but there are some kinks in that as well, depending on player choices As for the Steam Release, Epadder has been working on it So much to do, so few of us, but we keep making gains each day!

Reactions: c3p0 and Maviarab. DA22 Devoted Member. Jan 10, 7, 14, Hahahah yeah I totally understand that. By the way, while i personally don't mind by the concept itself as long as the story follows, I would expect the NTR police to start complaining soon because of Claire. I mind not because of NTR but because I really like the cute, pitiful girl.

Cant wait to make girl Billy as miserable as possible for what she did when he was a boy. Nobody messes with my girls! Oct 9, 1, Time to get some Traditional Mormon devs in the mix to show us how a real harem is developed Nov 20, 1, 3, Remember this game is not really about LI's or getting with your Li's. Reactions: DA Reactions: ForixMaviarab and DA Reactions: crugh So, to put it completely blunt - for once.

Not to wear you down, only to put down the facts. I truly like the game, the settings the chars and I truly will hat your twisted way with the story and the choice that I've made in wicked choices patreon. It wouldn't surprise me if you even do some Kobayashi Maru scenario or "twisted" some of our choice to enjoy the cluster fuck or I give you to much credit as an author. Yet for the business site of this game.

You are an utterly honest guy who say what the current state of the game is and so on. You should do that a little bit more often, particularly if the release are as seldom as they are at the moment. Wicked choices patreon this would be the second point, I know, you know and much all others also know, the release are very slow.

Life wasn't very kind in to humanity and for sure to you. Yet it is long time without any new release. It isn't that you don't work, quiet contrary. I would very much like to have more often a release from this game and I hope this will change. For the website and the steam release I'm curious about. More the first one as I don't use steam and I wicked choices patreon likely won't change it. Reactions: crughMaviarab and c3p0. The concept with the "true love" is something vague.

The big question is, what would be the difference between the true love and another one? Reactions: c3p0. If traffic to the website is great enough, I may plunk down the money to have my own IMA Internet Merchant that will enable me to do what Patreon has been doing for me The website will also host further information about our company that we are seeking to build, the people involved, products that we carry and links to our friends who also produce games, as well as, eventually have a calendar of events, such as release schedules and, eventually, gaming convention attendance to further promote our games and products at.

Hope that answers your question, my friend, and sorry that I missed answering it the first time around. Reactions: MaviarabDA22 and c3p0. Hey, yeah, I think that you can pretty much count on some Kobayahsi Maru scenarios that you'll have to Jim Kirk your way through I, for one, most certainly would like to see a better release schedule for the game than what it has been currently.

Each day that goes by without one is a day of me stressing, putting even greater pressure on myself and on Epadder and Sierra3or of them trying to talk me down from the bridge Wicked choices patreon want to jump from. I am not going to lie, I never really knew the amount of work that went into creating games until I started doing my own and understand why some of these games are But, I always said that I didn't want to be one of those creators, that isn't what I want to do with my games I want to do this till I get too old to do it any longer. But the workload is immense with just three people I have to plot a game series and story that filled with numerous choices spread out over 4 games that involves over characters that each have their own story and with whom players interact with and with different outcomes based upon those choices and the roles those character's play Even with my health issues, four days just after my back surgery I was back to working 4 to 6 hours a day on the game I know that I WILL NOT make more money on Patreon unless I can get more stable releases out to hire more help, but with the current workload that I am under plus the freaking health issues that I've undergone I haven't been able to do better than I've been doing And, it was the reason why I was considering just packing it up and quitting I could work far less and make much more somewhere else Hell, I've been offered by other creators to come and work for them as a writer and I'd be paid more than I make now I want to see these games through, I want to work on my own stuff, not someone else's I want to build a company that I and those that work with me have a future with and love doing what we are doing.

Right now, I don't love what I am doing.

I HATE it, actually. I HATE that my supporters like wicked choices patreon have to wait on my ugly ass to get a release out. I HATE constantly having to move a deadline because I am trying to work while high as a kite on pain meds and fucking up because of it. I HATE being disorganized and trying to find shit or finish shit up, because I set it aside to take care of this or that. I am just so very tired. I don't know what else to say, except I have no excuse I am doing the best that I can. Nope, while Emi loves Namiko, she sees her as more of a mother that she never had figure in her life Last edited: Dec 25, Edit: Now does that last post that you forgot in your rant does not sound much better and more fun to read?

You are not one of the devs who does only little things and try to make as much money as possible. You are a honest guy and try your the best you can. Reactions: MaviarabForix and c3p0. Yes it does, quite a bit more.

Wicked choices patreon

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