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She was created by ZONE in and first appeared in a flash loop animation for Halloween showing the character sitting on a tentacle.

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Since then, she has appeared in many places around his website, and even appears the beginning of most of his flash animations. The first episode was posted on March 27,on both Newgrounds and YouTube. Tiering : Low 2-C. Capable of biologically reformatting her essenceSoul Manipulation Stated to have the power to rip out souls and devour themLightning Manipulation Can cause massive thunderbolts to strike.

Can generate thunder when angeredDarkness Manipulation Her presence causes darkness to shroud any surrounding area her essence resides inCorruption Manipulation Can corrupt zone tan com shows and games making them distortedSummoning Able to summon her pet tentacle monster Lenny, who can also morph into weaponsReality Warping Manifesting into natural reality causes all of existence to distort on a fundamental levelNon-Corporeal Zone-Tan is merely a corporeal state of the true demon, which lacks any fixed shapePossession Capable of possessing other beings as hosts.

Kiling Zone-Tan will only destroy a physical aspect of the entity itself, which resides in another planeExplosion Manipulation Caused Dave's Car to explodeInformation Manipulation, 4th Wall Awareness.

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Her mere presence in natural reality causes all of existence to be distorted on a fundamental levelwhich has been showcased to occur on several occasions. Created The Zone Archive, which is treated an entire reality. Lifting Ability : Unknown. Warps all of reality when presence within the zone tan com universe, which also effects the flow of time. Also created the Zone Archive, which is treated as being it's own world of corrupted and twisted verions of already existing IPs.

Stamina : Near-Limitless Has never shown to tire. She only showed s of fatigue due to getting wasted and passing out. Range : Multi-Universal Can travel between two universes in instant timeframes. Intelligence : Nigh-Omniscient Has knowledge that spans across existence itself and she knows when and where someone or something is fapping. Extra Info: It is explained that Zone-Tan's demonic state is the same in power as her human looking form.

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Just that the demonic entity is merely taking a physical form, meaning that everything the Demonic entity can do, Zone also can do, given it is not stated that their power is different to the point of needing seperate tabs. Omniversal Battlefield Wiki Explore. Profile Formats. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? View source. History Talk 0.

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Zone tan com

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